Resource Hacker 5.2.3 fixed an occasional overflow error bug when file saving

The new version Resource Hacker 5.2.3 changes and download links.

Resource Hacker 5.2.3

A new update for Resource Hacker from Angusj has been released having a bug fix (14.10.2023). This includes a bugfix for an occasional overflow error bug when file saving. After the update, this is Resource Hacker 5.2.3.

You can download Resource Hacker 5.2.3 using the portable zip file or executable located on its website. Furthermore, you can install this from the bottom of this post.

Resource Hacker 5.2.3 bug fix

Here is the changelog:

fixed an occasional overflow error bug when file saving.

See the bug fixes and changes in old versions:

Changes in 5.2.1

minor bug fixes

Compiled with Delphi 11 (now with overflow checking).

Changes in 5.1.6

Bug fix: Fixed broken Accelerator compiling.

Changes in 5.1.6

Bug fix: Command Line syntax bug (some commas required trailing spaces).

Changes in 5.1.5

Bug fix: Comments within some resource definitions would not compile.

Changes in 5.1.4

Bug fix: Editor font preferences are not being applied on restart.

Bug fix: Minor bugs in command line processing.

Changes in 5.1.2

Update: Update to command line sytax and & bug fixes.

Changes in 5.1.1

Bug fix: incorrect editor fonts when displaying multibyte characters.

“Bug fix: compiler mishandled hex. escape chars with ambiguous trailing text.”

Bug fix: incorrect handling of #define directive.

Bug fix: incorrect handling of status bar alignment in dialog resources.

Bug fix: line numbering broken when swapping between editing and binary views.

Bug fix: relative paths in filenames were broken.

Bug fix: incorrect error reporting while parsing some #include files.

Bug fix: extracting resources using command line scripts was buggy.

Added:  added support for multi-line comments /* … */.

Updated: can now open and save non-resource type text files.

Updated: context help improved.

Changes in 5.0.42

Added: a new menu resource designer.

Update: the dialog resource designer has had a major update.

Added: an optional binary view for every resource type.

Update: improved searching (with more context sensitive dialogs).

Bug fix: many bugfixes

Changes in 4.7.34

Resource Hacker 4.7.34 Update: The dialog editor has been improved significantly.

Update: The menu editor has had a minor update too.

Bug fix: Saving RC files was saving the compiled script instead.

Other:  A number of other minor updates and fixes too.

Changes in 4.6.32

Bug fix: Fixed bugs when extracting text resources to RC files from the command line (related to ansi/Unicode conversion).

Update: More logical naming of binary files when extracting to RC files.

Bug fix: Occasionally the pop-up display of menu resources was too narrow to show all the menu items.

Update: Other minor cosmetic changes and fixes.

Changes in 4.5.28

Update: Major changes (and improvements) to the command line syntax.

Changes in 4.5.28

Update: Numerous changes and improvements to command line support.

Resources Hacker 4.5.28 Update: Filenames in resource scripts are no longer required to be.

enclosed within double quotes unless they contain spaces.

Changes in 4.4.24

Bug fix: The toolbar state wasn’t being preserved between sessions.

Changes in 4.3.20

Bug fixes: Numerous fixes to command line processing.

Bug fixes: Other minor fixes

Changes in 4.2.5

Bug fix: Compiling Delphi form resources was buggy.

Bug fix: Adding a resource to a file without any resources was broken.

New: Can now change a text resource’s format (unicode, UTF-8, ANSI).

Changes in 4.2.4

Bug fix: Error when compiling ansi encoded *.rc files.

Bug fix: RCDATA resources not displayed in their optimal format.

Bug fix: Error when trying to display ‘compressed’ resources.

Bug fix: ‘Compressed’ files can no longer be modified and saved.

Changes in 4.2.3

Bug fix: Significant bug in the recompiler.

Bug fix: Minor bug displaying animated cursors.

Changes in 4.2.2

Bug fix: Some monochrome images weren’t being displayed.

Bug fix: Removed extraneous button in “Import Resources” dialog.

Bug fix: Manifest resources were being converted to UCS-2 format.

Modified: Increased font sizes in all dialogs.

Changes in 4.2.1 (from 4.2.0)

Bug fix: occasional Delphi form was not being decompiled.

Bug fix: hiding the toolbar disabled hide/show dialogs/menus.

Resource Hacker 5.2.3 Download Link

Exe file:

Portable Zip:


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