Root Sony Xperia Z C6602 / C6603 on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean 10.1.A.1.350 Software

The Xperia Z is the newest Android 4.1.2 jelly Bean based Smartphone. It has been released by SONY in January 2013. Although Xperia Z is available only for selected countries. In recent times, DooMLoRD firmware developers team has provided rooting tips to these Xperia Z models which are Xperia Z C6602 and C6603.


  • This root tips about Xperia Z device has been revealed by its relevant developers. Howto-connect or firmware developers are not to be answerable for any type of issues like dead, hang during, or after the root process. So carry on every root tips at your personal risk.
  • The root tips are prepared only for Xperia Z S6602 or C6603 model. Don’t attempt it on other any Xperia Android devices.

Important Points

  • Download and Install USB driver of Sony Xperia Z device to your computer.
  • Ensure that you have done the process of all device data backup to SD card. On the other hand, Sony users can also backup data with Sony KIES tool.
  • Activate USB debugging mode on your Sony Xperia X Smartphone.
  • Take care about existing Xperia Z Smartphone contained battery.  The battery should have charged equal to 80-85% battery stage. It is an important point because your Xperia Z can power off or dead suddenly during root process.
  • Your Xperia Z device bootloader should be already unlocked otherwise the steps of the root method will not run.

How to Root Android 4.1.2 10.1.A.1.350 on Xperia Z GT-C6603 / C6602 model

Step 1

Download Android SDK from the Android Developers website and install it to your computer.

Step 2

Download Fastboot and extract it in android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools directory.

Step 3

Download Z_DooMLoRD_CF-Auto-Root-ported_FW-350.img

Download Z_DooMLoRD_insecure_FW-350.img

Next save it to your android-sdk-windows platform-tools folder.

Step 4

With the USB cable, connect your Xperia Z smartphone to your computer.

Step 5

Click on android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools directory and launch command prompt by pressing the shortcut (Shift + Right click).

Then click on Command Prompt option. Type the following command and press Enter button.

adb reboot bootloader

Now your Xperia Z smartphone will reboot into the bootloader mode.

Step 6

Next, Xperia Users have to start the process of flashing with the Z_DooMLoRD_CF-Auto-Root-ported_FW-350.img file. To do so, insert the following command in command prompt and press Enter button.

fastboot flash boot Z_DooMLoRD_CF-Auto-Root-ported_FW-350.img

Step 7

When the flashing process will be finished after few minutes, users have to reboot the Xperia Z Smartphone into fastboot mode. To do it, type the following command and press Enter button.

fastboot reboot 

Then your Xperia Z smartphone will reboot around 10 seconds.

Step 8

Remove the USB cable from the Xperia Z smartphone. Press and hold both buttons jointly (Power and Volume Up) for 15 seconds. Then it will boot into fast mode. Next connect the Xperia Z Smartphone again to your computer with USB cable.

Step 9

Now select another flash file which is named stock kernel file Z_DooMLoRD_insecure_FW-350.img.

Step 10

Type the following command in the fast boot mode screen and press Enter button.

fastboot flash boot Z_DooMLoRD_insecure_FW-350.img

Step 11

Now reboot your Xperia Z smartphone by typing the following command and press Enter.

fastboot reboot

Thus, your Xperia Z smartphone is now rooted on Android 4.1.2 firmware.

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