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Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.3 is Available to Download [Windows 10]

Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.3 Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.3 gets a place in Store. The info of development of this Library is available on Github. Currently, the release is shown Microsoft.UI.Xaml v2.3.191127001 hare which takes place of version 2.3.191125001. The store presents the description as – “This package provides backward-compatible versions of Windows UI features including UWP XAML controls, and Fluent styles and […]

Razer Wolverine for Xbox Windows 10 [Download]

Razer Wolverine for Xbox Windows 10 Microsoft placed Razer Wolverine for Xbox Windows 10 in Store where synapse carries innumerable customizability options. This confers you the ability to make your own profiles and save them in the cloud to make as great as possible your gameplay experience. The application supports several languages like – English (United States), Deutsch (Deutschland), and Espanol. […]

MyerSplash Photos Windows 10 Wallpaper and Lock Screen [Download]

MyerSplash Photos-choose preffered option where you want to set MyerSplash Photos is one of the drop-dead gorgeous apps available on the Microsoft website that can be used as wallpaper and lock screen as well. This personalization application has a very minimalistic design with beautiful user interface, fluent animation, and high-resolution photos. JuniperPhoton has developed the application and now this is available in Microsoft Store […]

Fix: 0x000001F8 Error Microsoft Store in Windows 10

Click Advanced options link on the Apps Settings page Pic 4 Many users report that every time they are trying to access Microsoft Store, it ends up with error messages. For some, the digital distribution platform crashes down while they open it. Whereas for a few, it prevents them from accessing and downloading new apps, uninstalling or updating the existing as well. All these common problems […]

Fix: Microsoft Store Error 0xC0EA000A in Windows 10

Fix Microsoft Store Error 0xC0EA000A in Windows 10 image 4 Microsoft Store Error 0xC0EA000A is a nagging issue and plenty of complaints have been reported regarding this. Generally, the stop code appears while attempting to download a random application from the store. In most cases, such a situation likely to happen due to failure of activation key after upgrading to Windows 10. It conveys that […]