Tips to Backup and Restore Skype Chat History on Windows 7

Skype is an extensively used Video Calling and Instant Messaging service. None other than Skype has set higher standard to attract massive people across the world for Instant Messaging and Video Calling free. When it happens to bring back earlier Skype conversation on to your account, you hardly have any option for this. Such condition demands to Backup and Restore Skype Chat History. Now, I am addressing ‘How to Backup and Restore Skype Chat History’.

How to Backup Skype Chat History

The Backup Skype Chat History needs to take consecutive steps as derived below. The steps given are well-tested on Windows 7 optimized system.

  • At first, you need to navigate Windows 7 installed location and en-route to :


  • Then after find such folder which has named exactly like your Skype name.
  • Keep this folder at another location to complete backup act of Skype Chat History.

How to Restore Skype Chat History

The way of Restoring Skype Chat History is quite simple.

  • Navigate such directory, where you want to Restore Skype Chat History.
  • Now copy the backup folder and place it on allocated directory.

Note: Above tweak works, when certain Skype settings should be active for storing Skype Chat History on your system. You may checkout these active Skype setting through this way:

  • Log in to your Skype account then after navigate Tools < Options
  • On the settings window go to Privacy < Privacy Settings.
  • Now set to keep history from drop down menu.

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