How to Turn Off Your Pebble Smartwatch

To turn off Pebble Smartwatch is quite different from Smartphone and wrist watch. You use to turn off Smartphone by holding power button, but in this device you have to go for two steps.¬†Although Pebble Smartwatch is a very simple to use device, but you can’t turn it off by pressing any button for a while. Follow the tips to turn off Pebble Smartwatch.

1. Firstly, tap the Select button on your Pebble smartwatch located at the middle to the right side. Then scroll down to the Settings by using Down button of your pebble which you get at the bottom to the right side. Now select Settings by clicking the Select button once again.

Turn Off Your Pebble Smartwatch

2. After that scroll down using the down button to select the Shut Down due to which your Pebble smartwatch will turn off.

Turn Off Your Pebble Smartwatch

3. If you want to turn on Pebble smartwatch again then simply hold down any button of your device just for one or two seconds. After doing that You again get your Pebble smartwatch on.

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  1. My watch is stuck on recovery mode also. Is there any other way to turn it off?

  2. If any update is pending then get the update, if this doesn’t work go to recovery mode.

  3. My pebble is stuck saying “no Bluetooth connection”. No button works. What do I do now? Thanks

  4. My pebble is stuck on “Recovery Mode: Pair with iPhone” screen
    Holding down the back button is not having any effect.
    Is there any other way to get a shut-down?