Windows 10 Build 19624.1000 Changelog [20H2]

Changelog of Windows 10 Build 19624.1000 released to early access channel under 20H2.

Windows 10 Build 19624.1000 

Insiders in the Fast Ring channel receive Windows 10 Build 19624.1000 with certain modifications, fixes, and issues only. The release does not introduce any new feature but contains updates for VPN, Optional Updates, Settings search box, etc.

In addition to these changes, the build has fixed lots of issues based on users’ feedback. However, this 20H2 update also carries some issues that the team is trying to resolve in their future flights. So head to the below section and get every detail of Build 19624.1000.

Windows 10 Build 19624.1000

Here are the details of Windows 10 Build 19624.1000 20H2 –

General modifications, and enhancements

  1. The search box in the default apps Settings page will be off for the short-term with an intention to enhance reliability and performance as well.
  2. Depending on the users’ feedback, the team will update the VPN connection logic. After the update, if you disconnect from a VPN network, it will eventually deselect the Auto-connect option.
  3. Update is out for the text of the Add a Device dialog in order to incorporate controllers into the list of examples under Bluetooth.
  4. The giant software also updates the Optional Updates Available section that is visible in Windows Update settings. This will be helpful if you prefer to copy the text in case you require it.


  1. In the last 2 builds, the problem of unpredicted flickering across Windows shell surfaces and apps gets a solution.
  2. The problem leading IIS configuration to be set to default post-installation of a new build is fixed.
  3. Fix is out for the issue causing a transient access error when swiftly switching between “WSL distros” through the File Explorer integration.
  4. For certain Insiders, a complication was impacting explorer.exe reliability but this also gets a fix.
  5. Settings app and taskbar volume flyout will not crash down anymore. It used to happen when choosing certain endpoints from the audio endpoint list.
  6. Microsoft also resolves a race situation that might end in VPN failing to connect automatically.
  7. Battery icon on the lock screen will display the correct status after the installation of this build. Previously, regardless of the actual level, it also shows nearly empty.
  8. The team resolves a Windows Hello issue where the opening of laptop after sleep gets connected to an external monitor. Moreover, it connects with an external camera and here Windows Hello will recognize you but fails to dismiss the lock screen.
  9. Device bug check gets a resolution after it’s been into sleep.
  10. Another post-sleep issue receives a fix where Bluetooth mice become pretty slow in reconnecting your device.
  11. You will not be prevented from navigating out of the Connect app’s settings dialog using a mouse.
  12. Microsoft and the team also bring a fix where Windows Security’s Core Isolation feature fails to turn on certain devices.
  13. Windows Update with error code 0x800700b7 will not appear.
  14. A deadlock that results in incomplete checking for Windows Updates but still displaying as in progress gets a fix.
  15. When using high contrast, certain buttons, and links on the Language Settings page display incorrect color. The team resolves this issue as well.
  16. The text in the Optimize Drives window underneath Scheduled Optimization gets truncated in several languages. Moreover, it also happens as certain text scaling levels as well but the team resolves this issue also.

Known Issues in Windows 10 Build 19624.1000

  1. Just like previous releases, here also NVDA and Narrator users with Microsoft Edge Chromium version might confront certain difficulties. They may experience complications is reading and navigating web content. Well, in this regard, all three individual teams are completely aware of the problem. However, this will not affect the users of legacy Microsoft Edge.
  2. The update process will hang for a little longer period during the installation of a new build.
  3. Certain devices might fail to update to this build and receive an error code 0xc0000409. If you also come across this error, simply pause it until a future flight.
  4. The Documents and Downloads subsections in the Privacy Settings will display only a broken icon.

Source – Windows Experience Blog

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