Windows 10 Build 19613 20H2 Rolled out to Fast Ring

Windows 10 build 19613 has been released to the early access channel under 20H2.

Windows 10 19613

Windows 10 20H2 has received a Build 19613 for the Insider users who opted fast channel.  The update is available. The update includes several improvements and fixes moreover updates for the Cortana app.

You will receive the update automatically as common for the other builds. But to have it, first navigate to Windows Insider Settings and ensure that you are on the Fast Ring.

Windows 10 Build 19613 Changelog

Here is the list of updates that Windows 10 Build 19613 includes –

Updates for Cortana

The giant software rolls out Cortana update for Insiders in the Fast ring. This will enable Bing Answers along with Assistant Conversations for the below list of languages and regions as well –

  1. Australia – English
  2. Brazil – Portuguese
  3. Canada – English/French
  4. France – French
  5. Germany – German
  6. India – English
  7. Italy – Italian
  8. Japan – Japanese
  9. Mexico – Spanish
  10. Spain – Spanish
  11. United Kingdom – English

For example – In case if Windows has one of these languages installed, then try out –

  1. Convert one inch to centimeters
  2. What’s the weather?
  3. What can you do?

Note – See for version 2.2004.1706.0 to know that the device has received the update. As this is a staggered release, so users may not see it immediately.

Fixes in Windows 10 Build 19613

  1. Microsoft resolves the problem that was making an incorrect display of app icons in the taskbar. This also includes defaulting to the .exe icon. Moreover, with this specific issue, certain Insiders may also encounter some reliability complications with explorer.exe.
  2. The issue where Windows Forms applications where the ImmSetOpenStatus() API was continuously failing to change the IME mode correctly also gets a fix. It was evident when setting focus to text fields while using the new Japanese or Chinese IMEs.
  3. Issue with multiple monitors for recent builds also gets resolved. As a result of the problem, Visual Studio fails to respond to clicks.
  4. The doskey / listsize command will not have effect as Microsoft fixes this problem as well.
  5. Another similar issue where the doskey /reinstall command puts an end to the commandline session instead of reloading doskey gets a fix.
  6. While uninstalling a font, there used to occur a problem that results in the crash of Settings. Thankfully, Windows 10 Build 19613 resolve this.
  7. The Task Manager was displaying 0 seconds for Last BIOS Time. Microsoft fixes this drawback in this release.
  8. Certain enhancements are out to address an underlying complication that results in black screen. The issue was prominent for users for a moment after logging in. If the problem continues to persist, try to jointly hit “Win+Shift+Ctrl+B and then leave feedback in the Feedback Hub.

Known Issues

  1. NVDA and Narrator users with the latest Microsoft Edge Chromium version might come across an obstacle. They might encounter certain difficulties while reading and navigating some web content. Fortunately, both the individual teams are aware of the problem. Amidst this situation, users of legacy Microsoft Edge will not be affected.
  2. Microsoft is investigating the reports of the update process where it hangs for a long time during an attempt to install a new build.
  3. The team is also looking into the reports where the battery icon on the lock screen display almost no charge.
  4. One more issue of IIS configuration being set to default after taking a new build is into consideration. After a new build in successfully installed, you need to backup the IIS configuration and restore it.
  5. Swiftly switching between “WSL distros” using the File Explorer integration might lead to a transient access error. The team is aware of the cause and a fix will be released soon.
  6. Certain Insiders might come across frequent freezes and abrupt bugcheck with error DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION.

Source – Windows Blog

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