Windows 11 Build 25158.1000 brings DNS over TLS (DOT) to Dev Channel of Insider

New update Windows 11 Build 25158.1000 introduces DNS over TLS (DOT) and several fixes to the Dev Channel of Insider.

Windows 11 Build 25158.1000

Dev channel of Windows 11 insider has obtained an update with a huge list of bug fixes and some changes such as DNS over TLS and Notification badging for Widgets. Windows 11 Build 25158.1000 is the release that brings fixes for KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED with NetAdapterCx.sys, crash that occurs with explorer.exe, Settings, and when opening Start.

Full name of this release is Windows 11 Insider Preview 25158.1000 (rs_prerelease). Let’s see the whole detail –

Dev channel update Windows 11 Build 25158.1000

Here is the changelog –

Notification badging for Widgets

This build has started rolling out more dynamic Widgets content to the taskbar with notification badging for Widgets. See in below screenshot –

In this version, Widgets board will have a banner that will appear at the uppermost part of the board displaying more knowledge on what triggered the notification badge.

Changes and Improvements

DNS over TLS

  1. The rollout brings DNS over TLS testing for Windows DNS client query protection. DoT is another protocol except for DNS over HTTPS (DoH) which is already supported in Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022. To configure the setup, navigate here. The configuration requires command line use and advanced networking users can perform this task.


  1. In this rollup, the Nyala font has been modified to support syllables for the Gurage language orthography from the Ethiopic Extended-B Unicode range. Furthermore, replaced and revised Ethiopic kerning to solve errors and gaps in earlier implementation making the overall texture of text in Ethiopic languages better.

Bug Fixes


  1. Windows 11 Build 25158.1000 fixed bugchecks with error KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED with NetAdapterCx.sys that occur in recent flights.
  2. Also, the experts fixed some PCs hanging at black screen when resuming from a low power state that occur in recent flights.
  3. The rollout fixed performance across Windows shell experience problems that occur in the last few flights.
  4. Settled Acrylic and Mica material blur effect was rendering incorrectly in Operating System surfaces such as the Start menu, Notification Center, and other areas sometimes in recent flights.

File Explorer

  1. Windows 11 Build 25158.1000 fixed closing command bar flyouts that could occur in some rare cases crash explorer.exe.
  2. The rollout fixed explorer.exe crashing that occurs when going through File Explorer with OneDrive enabled.
  3. CTRL+F4 should close the current tab from now onwards. The team has updated the tooltip when hovering over a tab to suggest using “CTRL+W” to close the tab (instead of “CTRL+F4”, which didn’t work).
  4. Now onwards, Opening a zipped folder in a new tab should no longer have a blank tab name.
  5. In this rollout, if the focus is on the tab row, “CTRL+W” will no longer unexpectedly discard two tabs rather than just the tab in focus.
  6. The experts in the insider team fixed CTRL+Tab that would not cycle in the proper order after rearranging tabs.
  7. They made certain adjustments in order to show folder name in the tab at the top of File Explorer when using Show full path in title.


  1. The experts in the insider team fixed an underlying issue that could lead to pinned app icons getting stuck on the taskbar after uninstalling the app in recent flights.
  2. They also solved a high-hitting explorer.exe crash that occurs in the last few flights related to loading Widgets.


  1. On Windows 11 Build 25158.1000, Start should not crash anymore when using “CTRL+Shift+Right” Arrow to move a pinned app into a folder that’s the last item in Start.
  2. Experts in the team fixed a crash that occur when opening Start.
  3. The Accessibility tool Narrator will now read the prompt that is launched when trying to uninstall an app from Start correctly.


  1. The dev channel rollout Windows 11 Build 25158.1000 fixed an issue when using IRowsetPriorititization where setting the scope priority for a query rowset did not properly alter the indexing speed of the rowset, resulting in slower indexing overall.
  2. In the current build, Power modes in Settings return after searching for power mode.


  1. Windows 11 Build 25158.1000 updated the “System” entry under “Network & Internet => Advanced network settings => Data Usage”, to now be called System and Windows Update to help make it more clear.
  2. The experts in the dev team made another fix the Listen to this device option for audio devices that would stop working after a restart.
  3. They fixed a crash certain  Insiders were coming across when going to Bluetooth & Devices => Printers & Scanners.
  4. Furthermore, they fixed a check box under Bluetooth & Devices => Devices => More Bluetooth Settings named Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC would not display the correct state sometimes.
  5. The experts fixed Quick Settings crash for ARM64 devices that occurs when attempting to use the Cast section to cast to certain devices.
  6. The rollout fixed eye icon located beside the WiFi password box in Quick Settings that becomes invisible after its first use.


  1. Build 25158.1000 solved a crash in textinputhost.exe initialization.
  2. The experts in the insider team fixed Sync across your devices option under Settings => System => Clipboard that would not stay enabled.
  3. They modified the Times New Roman font family as a result it includes “U+061D / ARABIC END OF TEXT MARK”.


  1. Windows 11 Build 25158.1000 “rs_prerelease” made some improvements to help with the performance of opening Task View.


  1. The rollout brings a resolution for the two-finger triple tap touch gesture to cancel context menus with Narrator is working correctly again.

Task Manager

  1. Experts in the team fixed some services that were being unexpectedly grouped under Microsoft Edge web browser when they weren’t actually child processes.


  1. Fixed missing network connectivity that occurs after turning on mobile hotspot.
  2. The rollout addressed mobile hotspot button that is getting unexpectedly stuck in a greyed-out state in certain cases.
  3. Fixed an underlying issue that was leading to Your Phone crashes in certain cases.
  4. They fixed an underlying problem where Microsoft Defender Application Guard windows weren’t visible.
  5. The experts fixed a crash that could occur when using suggested actions.
  6. Furthermore, the rollout fixed an underlying problem when recording game clips using the Xbox Game Bar, which could lead to the resulting stored video not showing correctly when viewed later on an iOS device.
  7. The experts made some improvements to help address an issue resulting in apps in the Store failing to download with error 0x80080204.
  8. The dev channel rollup addressed an underlying issue leading to Store app remediation failures with error code 0x803FB004.
  9. The rollout has performed some tasks to address print dialog that wasn’t opening centered in the app (for instance, in Notepad).

Known issues


  1. The experts are conducting an investigation into reports that SQL Server Management Studio is failing to open for some Insiders.
  2. This is a chronic issue; some games that use Easy Anti-Cheat may crash or cause your PC to bugcheck. See – Fix EasyAntiCheat.sys Blue Screen Error BSOD in Windows 10 or 11.

File Explorer

  1. This rollout has misaligned “up arrow” in the File Explorer tabs and the company has planned to resolve in a coming update.
  2. Launching File Explorer in certain methods when using dark mode (such as using cmd command) is displaying its body in light mode.


  1. Windows 11 Build 25158.1000 “rs_prerelease” Notification badge number may appear misaligned on the taskbar.
  2. The banner for some badging will not show up in some cases on the widgets board.
  3. The expert’s team is trying to solve an issue that causes the choice of Widgets (both pinned widgets and temperature units) to unexpectedly reset to default.

Live captions

  1. Certain apps on full screen (e.g., video players) prevent live captions from being visible.
  2. Certain apps positioned near the top of the screen and closed before live captions are run will re-launch behind the live captions window positioned at the top. Use the system menu (ALT + Spacebar) while the app has focus to move the app’s window further down.

Source – Windows Insider blog.

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