How to activate internet banking in PNB / Punjab National Bank

The world of Internet has made the experience of banking easier and accessible anywhere. The various privileges achieved by the members of the various banks is making their transactions using the bank anywhere and anytime without being present physically present in the bank.

The customers of Punjab National bank (PNB) have a privilege to get access to their accounts and perform activities from anywhere and anytime. The bank guarantees complete security.

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Follow these steps to activate internet banking in PNB:

1. After getting user id and password visit PNB Net banking website

2 The website homepage is appearing. In this page, click on Register here.

pnb netbanking website


1. After that A  Pop up window will appear. Go to the bottom of that pop up page and click on Agree.

internet banking in pnb

3. Now you have come to user registration page. Write you user id and password and click on submit. Remember The user id and the password should be typed correctly, as the incorrect entry for five times would lead to deactivation of the password. It is minimum six characters and maximum 28 characters.

pnb netbanking registration

4. Now change the log in username and password and set your own. It is minimum six characters and maximum 28 characters, and it should be combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters.

You are ready to handle your banking activities as transaction, Account balance inquiry, etc.

For any query about Netbanking in PNB Click: PNB Net Banking Helping File

Important Points:

  • Log in and transaction passwords expire within 360 days and 180 days respectively from the date of passwords issued by the bank or change of passwords by the customer.  They should also be kept on changing from time to time to keep the identity. If the service is not used within the stipulated time then new passwords are required to resume the facilities.
  • In case the account is disabled due to wrong entries made then, the user must approach the nearest branch for getting a new password and activating the account.
  • The passwords should be kept confidential and should not be revealed to any person over phone or e-mail. The user should keep a strict watch over e-mails asking for id’s and passwords and suspicious attachments and links which should never be clicked as these are never sent by the bank.
  • In case the user loses the log in id or password and wants to block the service , then incorrect log in should be made for more than five times to block the service or the nearest bank branch should be approached. If more accounts are to be added then the user must approach the nearest branch.
  • To know the Internet banking status and details the user must contact the nearest branch or the nearest CBS branch of PNB or call on the 24-hour help line: – 1800 180 2222(all India toll-free number), 0124-2340000(accessible from mobile. 

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    i have transaction password change request awaiting and forgot my previous transaction password. Online the sytems is asking for ibs key. what can i do now?
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    I have not receive any user-id and password from PNB and when i enrolled for net banking i have received this message (You are already enrolled for this service.).Plesae advice how do i use the net banking.

  17. Dear sir, This is surulirajan.s I had open pnb account from Dubai but right now me in Oman I want internet access wheat I do thanks.

  18. Important – Online user registration facility for Netbanking facility is not available for for joint account holders. Online registration is possible only for Sole owners or current account holders.

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    What is the difference between View Only and View and Trannsaction facility option?

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    My account number is 1317000101652849 and when i go to register for net banking, I am getting message (SECTX0001) (101959) UserID already created for the customer.
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