Best 5 Microsoft Surface Tablet apps

Microsoft Surface is a fresh entrant in the tablet market and has collected favorable reviews from the tech community around the world. Now that many people plan to buy it, knowing about the best five apps that can make your Surface experience better, would be good. Here is a list of five most popular Surface apps.

Note: All these Apps are present in Windows 8 Store.

1. Toolbox for Windows 8

toolbox windows 8 app for surface

The Toolbox app is a great utility offered as far as Win 8 is concerned. This includes utilities as clock, Facebook, notifier, weather notifier, doodler etc. In the first place, these utilities are of great use and secondly, the Toolbox allows you to put up to six of these tools on permanent display on your home screen. Thus, weather, clock, your favorite home page are all on display side by side, much like in Windows 7. Details may be seen at link below:

Toolbox for Windows 8 Detail

2. Metro Commander

metro commander windows 8 app for surface

Surface doesn’t have a Metro version of the File/Windows Explorer. This poses a great problem. Although the Desktop mode allows movement in the Win Explorer, the usage of Desktop mode on a tablet proves a little clumsy. Hence, we use Metro Commander. It provides a Metro interface to navigate through Win Explorer. A great plus feature it provides is the two window view of the Win Explorer that allows files to be transferred through drag and drop style.

Metro Commander Detail