Decentraleyes to Block CDN Tracking Resources in Browsers

A powerful web browser extension or add-on Decentraleyes emulates Content Delivery Network (CDN) resources and enhances your online privacy.

Decentraleyes to Block CDN Tracking Resources in Browsers

A web page, when opened in a browser, tries to implant 3rd party tracking script and codes in a computer. This activity helps a site to collect data for analysis of different devices to display advertisements there. Decentraleyes is an app that works through web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and some other and blocks the tracking codes.

The extension or addon protect online privacy through blocking CDN (content delivery network) resources you accessed in a web browser. Decentraleyes defends you from tracking through the free CDN that is used on most sites.

Decentraleyes to Block CDN Tracking Codes and Scripts in Browsers

Popular ad blockers block some of the codes but they don’t completely restrict them to avoid incorrect display or malfunctioning of sites. As a consequence, sites can threaten your privacy by pursuing when and on which sites you accessed CDN resources.

Decentraleyes add-on and extension limit online access to files of common scripts of advertising networks, libraries and frameworks, and downloads them locally from your system. Thus, the app protects you from third party access requests and keeps your privacy intact.

Follow the links to download the Decentraleyes add-on or extension

Current version of Decentraleyes is 2.0.13 and to know more about the development you can go to

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