KeePass 2.55 with Ignore Windows SmartScreen Warning

A mass number of changes is included in KeePass 2.55 including bug fixes, features, and improvements.

KeePass 2.55

A new version of the password manager KeePass 2.55 is available with many features, a large number of bug fixes, and improvements. This a stable release so we strongly advise you to update to this version. The tool has received user interface and integration enhancements, and various other minor new features and enhancements.

KeePass 2.55 includes Compare Entries, and Mark Entry for Comparison commands, ‘Show warning when the key transformation settings are weak’, More information’ link, MasterKeyExpiryForce’ configuration setting, and more. You can ignore Windows SmartScreen Warning after installing this update.

KeePass 2.55 Changes, bug fixes, and improvements

Here is the changelog:

New Features

  1. Introduced a ‘Compare Entries’ function accessible from the main menu under ‘Entry’ ? ‘Compare’. This feature allows for the comparison of the two selected entries in the main entry list.
  2. Implemented ‘Mark Entry for Comparison’ and ‘Compare Entry with Marked Entry’ functionalities, accessible through the main menu under ‘Entry’ ? ‘Compare’. These commands facilitate the comparison of entries stored in separate databases (opened in tabs).
  3. Now, you can close report dialogs by pressing the Esc key.
  4. KeePass 2.55 included a new feature: ‘Show warning when the key transformation settings are weak’. This option, enabled by default, can be found in the ‘Security’ tab under ‘Tools’ ? ‘Options’.
  5. Now, the options in the entry/group duplication dialog are saved and remembered.
  6. Now, the selections made in the HTML export/print dialog are saved and retained.
  7. Within dialogs offering a ‘Do not show this dialog again’ option and featuring multiple commands, the command that will consistently activate when enabling this option is now explicitly stated in the dialog.
  8. Introduced a ‘More Information’ hyperlink within the dialog that appears when KeePass automatically disables items requiring enforcement.
  9. Implemented the {NEWPASSWORD:/#/P/O/} placeholder, which creates a fresh password for the current entry based on the provided pattern P and optional parameter(s) O.
  10. KeePass 2.55 added accessible names for specific controls, including the custom keystroke sequence edit control in the auto-type item dialog, the filter edit control in report dialogs, and several controls in the password generator dialog. This enhancement is applicable when the ‘Optimize for screen reader’ option is enabled.
  11. Introduced the ‘MasterKeyExpiryForce’ configuration setting.
  12. Improved the CSV import module for Google Chrome passwords to accommodate the updated format.
  13. Improved the CSV import module for mSecure to be compatible with the updated format.
  14. Improved the 1Password 1PUX import module to be compatible with the new password field/type.

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  1. The toolbar within report dialogs is now included as a tab stop.
  2. Elevated the default number of AES-KDF iterations.
  3. Enhanced syntax highlighting for {CLIPBOARD-SET:…} placeholders (in the auto-type item editing dialog).
  4. The default node mode for the configuration element ‘/Configuration/Meta/PreferUserConfiguration’ is now set to ‘None’.
  5. Enhanced the performance of loading INI files.
  6. Enhanced the formatting of data sizes.
  7. Changed the labels for value columns/commands in the history entry comparison dialog from ‘A’/’B’ to ‘1’/’2′.
  8. Enhanced the memory protection of the process during history entry comparisons.
  9. KeePass 2.55 enhanced the memory protection of ‘CryptoRandomStream’ objects within the process.
  10. Enhanced the thread safety of memory protection within the process on Unix-like systems.
  11. The MSI file is now created using Visual Studio 2022.
  12. Enhanced UI text across the interface.
  13. Implemented code optimizations for improved performance.
  14. Incorporated miscellaneous minor enhancements.


  1. XPath expressions involving history entries in searches now consistently consider all available history entries.
  2. KeePass no longer experiences crashes when a plugin attempts to asynchronously upload a file to a server.

If you have already installed a copy of the software, simply click on Help from menu and select Check for updates.

KeePass 2.55 Download links:

Source: Keypass release note.

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