Notepad++ v8.5.8 is available to download with rectification for CVE-2022-31901

Changes, bug fixes, direct download links, and features of Notepad++ version 8.5.8 update.

Notepad++ v8.5.8

A new update arrived Notepad++ changing the editor’s version to 8.5.8. This release rectifies a security vulnerability (CVE-2022-31901). This update brings a new restart function for the tool added on Windows 10 and Windows 11. The release allows the menu command Window > Windows to be assigned a shortcut

The new version Notepad++ v8.5.8 includes bug fixes for saving files losing Alternate Data Stream, crash issue, Single Line Uncomment, incorrect categories in Shortcuts Mapper, and several more. Furthermore, the update Improves document list display performance, Stylers & the keywords for Perl v5.38. With this release, Lexilla library and Scintilla source code editing component have been updated to v5.2.7 to v5.3.7 respectively.

Notepad++ v8.5.8 bug fixes, improvements, and features

Here is the changelog:

  1. Fix “Clear Read-Only Flag” command not working immediately regression.
  2. Fix saving files losing Alternate Data Stream issue.
  3. Fix data loss issue due to no room on disk for saving.
  4. Add Win10/Win11 Restart-application feature.
  5. Fix user created session being modified behaviour on exit.
  6. Improve document list display performance.
  7. Update Scintilla to v5.3.7 & Lexilla to v5.2.7.
  8. fix unwanted Afrikaans installer language issue.
  9. Fix a crash issue while reading settings from cloud.
  10. Notepad++ v8.5.8 Fix security issue CVE-2022-31901.
  11. Enhance non-saved search text’s persistence in Find dialog combobox while pressing arrow key.
  12. Make auto-checking of Find InSelection configurable (resizable & can be disabled).
  13. Perl enhancement: Update Stylers & the keywords for Perl v5.38.
  14. Fix “Single Line Uncomment” uncommenting an extra line issue.
  15. Fix “Next Bookmark” command not resetting current column issue.
  16. Allow menu command Window->Windows to be assigned a shortcut.
  17. Fix wrong categories in Shortcuts Mapper.

Also, see: How to Make Notepad++ As Default Text Editor on Windows 10.

Notepad++ v8.5.8 Download links:

For all supporting versions:

Release note:

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