Ragdoll Run – Enjoy Running Game App on Windows 8 / 10 HD and 3D Graphics

Ragdoll Run is an awesome running game app of Windows 8. In this game, players have to run continuously for infinite times like the way in Subway Surfers or Temple Run but with lots of modifications. However, the objective of this game is same i.e. keep running and avoid death for as long as you could. There would come various obstacles which would try to stop you from keeping running. All you have to do is to save yourself from these obstacles and rotate the cubes on which you’ll run during the gameplay. The most downloaded in Windows 8 game Ragdoll Run has entered into Windows Store with HD and 3D high resolution Graphics in 60 FPS.

When you actually rotate the club, it keeps on grabbing as many coins as it could and pick-ups as possible. Getting these goodies would help you in unloading various other characters. It also helps you in reaching the top of the world leader board. Ragdoll Run uses some lovely art design with pastel colors that have a mute yet attractive look. There are some neat character animations that despite their subtlety convey a variety of emotions. User Interface of this app is quite impressive. You will love this app from its first sight. A screenshot of this app is shown below:

                Ragdoll Run, Windows 8

You can have this app from the link provided at the last of this article.

How to use and play game on Ragdoll Run App

After the proper installation of this game on your windows machine, run this game from its icon present in the start screen. A window like the above shown screenshot will pop-up in front of you. On its welcome screen, you could see a lot of options at the center of its page. These options are Play, Shop, Board, Rate, like, and settings.

Let’s know about some of these options in details:

1. GamePlay: Once you start the game, your character starts running from the beginning point on the cubes. There might be a situation when you’ll get a cube on top of another or a gap between the cubes. You have to jump over these obstacles and avoid them by rotating the patch by 90 degrees. Again, needles and spinners would be coming continuously, and you have to save yourself from them otherwise you would be dead, and the game finishes. The controls during playing this game are kept as usual i.e. arrow keys.

There would be some power ups, golds and jewels continue to come up in the middle of the game, you have to take them by saving yourself as there would be some situations where both power and obstacle would come side by side. These powers help you in saving you for more times in the game and gold helps you in unlocking the locked characters.

2. Shop: Clicking on here will present you all the characters arranged in a certain way. You have to select one out of them. The ones which are locked would be seen black, and those which are unlocked would be floating in front of you. Select your character by clicking on it and reading some details written down there about each character.

3. Settings: you can do a lot of settings in the game so that it interests you more. From here, you could change a lot of things like themes, ragdolls as well as powers. You can choose the difficulty level too here i.e. slow, medium, fast. In each level, the character runs fast, however, the speed with which platform, obstacles, powers, golds and jewels come would be increased checking your concentration on how fast you could make the right decision.

You can also see for the highest score on the leader-board and fight for your name on the top.

Key Features of Ragdoll Run App

  1. Very Smooth and easy Controls.
  2. Freely available.
  3. Consists of 13 unlockable characters.
  4. New level on every play.
  5. A lightweight game.
  6. High Definition 3D Graphics in 60 FPS.
  7. Online leaderboard.
  8. In-app shop with costumes, themes, and powers.
  9. Soundtrack by Alexander Darland.


Ragdoll Run is a must try app as this is quite similar to that of the famous temple run game of Android with lots of new features and modifications. In the Hard mode, you will love this game more and have some great fun too. Overall, this is a nice game to try on. You can have access to this app from Windows Store under the game category also.

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