SuperBanner Windows 8 / 10 App to Create Awesome Image Banners

SuperBanner is a fantastic app of Windows 8 using which you can create attractive and amazing Banners. This app allows you to make new Banner out of the images present already on this app or from the pictures stored in your Local drives. You can also use your webcam to take a picture and then use it for making Banners. SuperBanner app provides you the facility of adding cool text effects on the images with certain modifications to give your images a professional touch. Texts addition is quite easy, and it could be adjusted anywhere on the image. This app also supports Live tiles.

The Interface of SuperBanner app looks cool and attractive. It allows you to create image banners with a lot of ease and comfort. This is a user friendly app and you will love its way of presenting different banners in an amazing manner. You can see screenshot of this app underneath:

SuperBanner app for windows 8

You can own this app from the link provided at the last of this article.

How to make Banners using SuperBanner app 

Running SuperBanner app after its proper installation on to your windows machine will open a window like the above shown image. On its right panel, you will be asked to choose a photo. You have two different options to do so.

  1. Gallery: Clicking on this will open your local drives from where you can add a photo to be edited or converted to a Banners.
  2. Webcam: Clicking on this icon will automatically open up your webcam. You can take a photo using your camera and then use it for making Banners.

In the rest part of its home page, you could notice a large number of backgrounds floating. They keep on changing themselves on the daily basis. Here, in this app, you could also find different categories that could be selected by their names like Popular, Love, Together, Love Night, Abstract, Food, Heart, Christmas and many others.

Basically, all you have to do here is to select a photo either the pics present on this app, browsed from your local drives or taken from the webcam. Once you have select the image to be edited, it will appear with a box on right panel which is for writing a message on the picture itself. There are certain options too on the bottom which you can use. Here, in the Options, you can see certain things that could be edited like: Fonts, Color, Area, Stroke, Shadow, Size, Transparency, and many others. Once done, you can click on Go and your Banner is created. You will be shown a preview of what you have made. If you like it click on Save option to save it to your drive.

Note: You can select the area where the message will be displayed using a Custom area.

You can try for different options to make it look awesome and amazing. Enjoy the creation which you have made. You could also look for this app in the Windows 8 App Store.

Key Features of SuperBanner app

  1. Very Simple and easy to use interface
  2. Available free of cost.
  3. No promotion of ads.
  4. Allow writing on photos.
  5. Provides favorites and secondary tiles.
  6. Consists of large number of beautiful themes.
  7. Photos could be browsed from local drives or taken from your webcam.
  8. Create professional Banners in a few clicks.


SuperBanner is indeed a nice app letting you make beautiful and attractive image banners in a few clicks. While using this app, I don’t encounter any bugs or crashes. This app helps you in creating professional banners within a few times playing with this app. It could be used in any festive moments like Birthday, Anniversary, New Year, etc. Overall this is a good app and one should have it to be used during Occasions.

Link: SuperBanner

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