Top Best Free Live Wallpaper Windows 10

A collection of Free Live Wallpaper Windows 10 reviews and download links.

Top Best Free Live Wallpaper Windows 10

There are various methods using which you can make your Win 10 PC customizable and unique in appearance without compromising its performance. One such way to give your dull or static desktop a bit of life is by using Free Live Wallpaper Windows 10. The desktop is such a place where you start or end all your computing activities. So keeping it alighted with amazing videos and audios will enhance your productivity as well.

Windows 10 does not generally assist the live wallpapers, so there are some applications that provide great help in this respect. The developers of these programs offer a wide range of flexibility to choose wallpapers depending on users’ preferences. Without any further ado, explore free 4K Live Wallpaper Windows 10 and see which one becomes your favorite. Let’s begin –

Free 4K Live Wallpaper Windows 10

Here is the list of Top Best Free 4K Live Wallpaper Windows 10 –

1] Rainmeter

One of the most popular 3rd party wallpapers that provides a wide range of customizable options straight on your desktop is Rainmeter. This highly functional app also offers you amazing 4K Live Wallpaper Windows 10 which includes several widgets. Moreover, with this multiple toolkit you gain the ability to put additional information on your desktop as well. You can add several stats about the system, stocks, social feeds, and more.

In addition, using this program, you can even generate widgets for a calendar, weather, clock, and even customize one as per need. There are multiple numbers of themes and wallpapers that go with these widgets and are popularly known as skins.┬áIt comes completely free and open-source software with these amazing features –

  1. It is fast and uses very little hardware resources.
  2. Compatible with earlier versions of Windows as well.
  3. A robust toolkit that lets you generate and modify your skins in a simple language.
  4. It also layout customizable skins from hardware usage meters to thoroughly functioning audio visualizers.

So grab its Windows version and enjoy the dynamic live wallpapers on your desktop.

Download Rainmeter

2] PUSH Wallpapers

You might have some of your memorable trip pictures stored on your computer that you frequently use as your desktop wallpaper. But what about those amazing video clips that reminiscence your outing? Well, don’t worry as PUSH Wallpaper is that app that lets you put your own videos as live wallpapers straight on your desktop. While you are working, you can enjoy the amazing collection of your preferable videos playing in the background.

This one of the Free 4K Live Wallpaper Windows 10 features are not limited as it also gives you the ability to play YouTube videos, and apply GIFs as desktop background. In addition, it also provides controls to play, pause, rewind, or reverse the video. Completely free to download and use, the app is not loaded with in-app purchases or ads. Some of its interesting features are –

  1. Enhances the entertainment level of the desktop by letting you play videos.
  2. Stream YouTube videos directly on the desktop and also apply GIFs as backgrounds.
  3. When the PC is inactive, the video works as a screensaver as well.
  4. Support earlier versions of Windows including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and is free for everyone.

Download PUSH Wallpapers

3] Desktop Live Wallpaper +

Instead of using a third-party app for Free 4K Live Wallpaper Windows 10, you can rely on Microsoft store app rather as well. The store includes amazing Dekstop Live Wallpaper + that allows you to use beautiful Live Timeline of your favorite pics, videos on your desktop. Being a free app, it manages the rest activities like effects, tools, media player, and the resources.

The app lets you play animated pictures in the form of GIF, supports almost every video file type, and HD photo formats. It is completely a customizable app as it does not provide any photo or video content. All you need is to select the videos/pictures from your hard drive only. Users can easily have this app on their computers from Microsoft Store free of cost. However, the minimum system requirement is Windows 10 version 16899.0 or higher with an integrated mouse. Its interesting range of features include –

  1. Apply Live Timeline of your pictures/videos straight away from your hard drive.
  2. Compatible with all video formats such as MP4, GP, MKV, FLV, AVI, MPEG, TS, and more.
  3. Pure animated, supports GIFs.
  4. Lets you adjust photo duration, change startup settings, provide 7 different transition effects.

Download Desktop Live Wallpaper +

4] 4K Live Wallpaper Windows 10 from DesktopHut

Dynamic wallpapers are always huge love for most Windows 10 users. DesktopHut comes for free where you can grab a variety of wallpapers and rotate the live ones as well. The amazing thing about this software is that it includes a wide range of categories and each of them serves remarkable collection.

It covers almost all the categories starting from animals, holidays, nature, abstract, and more. The animal lovers can enjoy their favorite creature roaming on the desktop; whereas travelers would enjoy the amazing videos of places. The list of live wallpapers is endless and you can enjoy the preferable one after downloading the software. However, one little drawback is the app will consume more resources such as CPU, RAM, Battery, etc. Experts also suggest not to use this app while playing high graphic-intensive games. So before grabbing it just ensure that the device will be able to handle the additional load. The wonderful features of the app are –

  1. Provides a desktop preview before adding the wallpaper.
  2. Have multi-screen support and also allows edit wallpaper.
  3. Gives local wallpaper gallery with preview thumbnail.

Download DesktopHut

5] Widget Launcher

Create your own custom widgets for Free 4K Live Wallpaper Windows 10 on your desktop. Previously known as Widget HD, this free app from Microsoft Store provides you the future generation of gadgets for Windows 10. It lets you grab additional skins with limitless customization options. Moreover, it also improves the desktop like never before with several options. You can instantly get access to “weather reports, world clocks, RSS feeds, calculators, calendars, CPU monitor”, and much more.

Available with two skins, the app also lets you personalize widgets in any preferable color. In addition, this is extremely helpful for developers as they can use built-in tools (bets) to debug extensions that they create. However, to use this app, the device needs to meet certain system specifications. The device requires Windows 10 version 18326.0 or higher, Xbox One, 8 GB memory, integrated mouse, and keyboard as well. Microsoft continuously releases updates for the app that fixes the bugs and issues and enhance its performance. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting features of this 4K Live Wallpaper Windows 10 –

  1. Lets you host and customize widgets and skins.
  2. Support extension for 3rd party skins and widgets.
  3. Provides access to world clock, Sticky Notes, Digital Clocks, Calculator, Calendar, and more.

Download Widget Launcher

6] Lively

You can simply convert videos, Gifs, webpages, games, and shaders as well into animated desktop wallpaper using this amazing app. Lively is an open source program that brings your desktop to a life free of cost. With 0% CPU and GPU usage, the software pauses the wallpaper playback when full-screen apps or games run. It provides a simple user interface where you can just drop videos and webpages into the lively window to assign as a wallpaper.

Being fully customizable, the software offers several options to manage the audio and visual of the wallpapers. Free 4K live wallpaper Windows 10 also has system requirements where the device needs to be running Windows 10 or 8.1. Moreover, the program needs Intel i3 or equivalent processor with 2048 MB RAM, HD Graphics 3000 or above, and available storage of 512 MB. Some of its interesting features are as follows –

  1. 0% resource consumption when running full screen games or applications.
  2. Utilizes dynamic and interactive webpages, 3D applications, audio visualizer as wallpapers.
  3. Support multiple monitors, HiDPI resolution with ultra-wide aspect ratios, and more.
  4. Automatic tile generation, multiple video players, performance settings, and more.

Download Lively

7] RainWallpaper

Set up a huge range of personalized animated wallpapers on your desktop using this complimentary RainWallpaper. It is one of the best 4K Live Wallpaper Windows 10 that is compatible with both 3D and 2D live wallpapers. Furthermore, this app lets you use websites, videos, and animated wallpapers as well that support mouse interactions as live wallpapers. In addition, it consumes very less CPU and RAM usage which indicates no major effect on system’s performance. When a game or an application runs in the fullscreen, the software pauses the live wallpaper which does not adversely impact the system.

The program also provides a built-in wallpaper editor that gives you the ability to generate your own live wallpaper. Being a free application, it is in beta version which might encounter certain bugs. The fascinating list of features include –

  1. With a single click, download live wallpapers through the built-in online gallery.
  2. Simple to use with a clean user interface that does not consume many resources.
  3. Give life to the desktop with realtime graphics, applications, websites, or videos.
  4. Multi-monitor environments are supportable along with all aspect ratios and native resolutions.
  5. Video formats like MP4, WebM, AVI, M4V, WMV, MOV.

Download RainWallpaper

8] Sim Aquarium 3

Wouldn’t it be an amazing scene to see the tiny watery creatures swim across your desktop? Aquariums at home provide the gurgling sound of the moving fishes that gives a soothing environment. But with Sim Aquarium 3 on your computer, you can experience the same on your desktop as well. It works as both live wallpaper and screensaver in Windows 10. Along with the fishes moving around, you can also hear the rattling sound of the water.

As it is a Free 4K Live Wallpaper Windows 10, you can experience occasional upgrade ads in it. The interesting thing about the software is that it lets you play with the fishes by touching their noses and tails. With a selection of more than 100 highly detailed species of fishes, you can easily populate the desktop aquarium with your preferable ones. Following are the list of its wonderful features –

  1. Full interaction with fishes and their environment.
  2. Highly details species of fishes with amazing swimming behaviors and appearance as well. ‘
  3. Developed graphical effects such as complex water surface, raytraced light caustics, and more.
  4. Also compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP editions.

Download Sim Aquarium 3

9] RGB Live Wallpaper

Another interesting wallpaper that comes into this list is RGB Live Wallpaper which offers acts as a cross between a screensaver and a wallpaper. This is considered one of the best animated Live Wallpaper for Windows 10. Similar to a normal wallpaper, this also serves as the background on your desktop. However, the only difference is it is visible only when your workspace is empty. It means that no full-screen program/game is blocking the view.

Provided as a free Live Wallpaper Windows 10, it will only occupy a small size of 14 MB. The amazing combination of colors with Red, Green, and Blue will enlighten the dull desktop background. The bright color combinations from these hues bring life to your desktop. Thankfully, it will not consume many resources of the system as it will stop functioning when any full-screen app covers the desktop.

  1. Absolutely free to download and use.
  2. Serves as a background wallpaper and screensaver as well.
  3. Consume fewer resources and also occupies small hard disk space.
  4. Download DesktopHut and add this wallpaper and then use it.

Download RGB

10] Star Wars Darth Vader Live Wallpaper

Darth Vader is one of the famous fictional characters that fans love to see on their desktop as well. This Live Wallpaper Windows 10 will enhance your desktop with this true “bad guy”, the power of the dark force, with its commanding posture and flashy lightsaber. Completely available at no cost, this lightweight wallpaper will hardly consume your hard disk space.

To have this wallpaper on your desktop, you need to simply download DesktopHut, a software that lets you add multiple wallpapers. Once you add the category, you can have this bad guy right on your desktop with his stunning postures. Along with Windows 10, this wallpaper is compatible with Windows 8.1, 8. 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP as well. Some interesting features are –

  1. Free of cost with less resource consumption.
  2. Compatible with earlier versions of Windows also.
  3. Will only play when the workspace is empty.

Download Star Wars Darth Vader

Live wallpaper list

1] Rainmeter
2] PUSH Wallpapers
3] Desktop Live Wallpaper +
4] DesktopHut
5] Widget Launcher
6] Lively
7] RainWallpaper
8] Sim Aquarium 3
9] RGB Live Wallpaper
10] Star Wars Darth Vader Live Wallpaper

That’s all!!

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