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Windows 8 has been come out among the general public on 26 October 2012.  Now Several IT manufacturer firm has launched windows 8 installed new tablets, laptop and desktop PC.  At this time, windows 8 start screen has placed default maps app which tracks map location by Microsoft sponsored Bing search engine. But Popularity of Bing  maps than Google maps among the internet users is less. If you are keen of Google Maps, you might possibly miss it. Now fresh windows 8 app (G Maps) has been produced with entire Google maps features.

windows 8 G maps image

search location on GMaps app

windows 8 GMaps app  satellite View  image

Features of G Maps app – Although G Maps is not official app of Google, but its complete features recommend like genuine Google maps. It supports Google maps tool like multi-Gesture (Pinch & Zoom), Street View, current Weather status, Live Traffic status, Obtain route among address, obtain rotate by rotate direction-finding feature, insert to personal photo on map openly.

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Note: This app has been developed by Data-Arc.

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  1. mail2meall mail2meal says:

    "gMaps" for Windows 8 app is absolutely another app. Please don't call "G Maps" by name of another app.

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