Bad Image Error 0xc0000006

Fix Bad Image Error 0xc0000006 in Windows 10

Bad image error is a pretty old issue appearing in Windows 10 and the earlier versions of Windows. The issue appears in a message when you cannot run or start a program commonly after you install a Windows update. Error code 0xc0000006 bad image
Steam Error e502 l3

Fix Steam Error e502 l3 in Windows 10

Steam is a reputed video game provider platform but some users encounter issues time and again. Of recent many players are reporting Steam Error e502 l3 pop-up. When the error code appears the players couldn’t run the game and unable to

Fix Nintendo Error Code 2811-7429 and 2813-0002

A number of Nintendo switch users are experiencing an error “Could not connect to server” error. The message specifies – “The network may be busy or there may be a problem with the server. Please try again later. ” The error

Fix mwac.sys Blue Screen Error or BSOD in Windows 10

Lately, Windows 10 users are complaining that when trying to update, the process either fails or gets stuck at a certain percentage. While forcing the system to shut down blue screen appears pointing out mwac.sys as the cause of the failure.
Genshin Impact Error 31-4302

Fix Genshin Impact Error 31-4302 in Windows 10

Of recent, some users complained about encountering an error when playing Genshin Impact on Windows 10 PC. You might be getting this frustrating issue that suddenly stops the gameplay with a message popup. To solve Genshin Impact Error 31-4302,