Earth from Above PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Earth from Above PREMIUM Are you looking to personalize your desktop with cool images of your native planet? Microsoft has released a new theme Earth from Above PREMIUM theme taking care of your need. In addition, the Store has also added 3 more themes today – Bending Light PREMIUM, World of Bamboo PREMIUM, and PREMIUM Surfboards. Earth from Above […]

Bending Light PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download]

Bending Light PREMIUM Are you getting bored with your old theme on Windows 10 system? Microsoft has released 3 themes today – Bending Light PREMIUM, World of Bamboo PREMIUM, and PREMIUM Surfboards. Why do you not try them to set as desktop wallpaper as they can provide cool experience with 4k images? Bending Light PREMIUM lets examine the […]

How to Disable Windows 10 Bluetooth Absolute Volume

How to Disable Windows 10 Bluetooth Absolute Volume Absolute Volume is a new feature that the giant software corporation rolled out with the release of Windows 10 April 2018 update, v1803. Basically, its main function is to allow the Windows volume slider to precisely control the local volume of Bluetooth speakers or headphones that are compatible. But currently, there arises a need to […]

World of Bamboo PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme [Download]

World of Bamboo PREMIUM Can you not avoid the greed for arranging your computer with attractive and eye-catching images? Then Microsoft Store has brought 3 themes just now – PREMIUM Surfboards, World of Bamboo PREMIUM, and Bending Light PREMIUM. You might know one of the fastest-growing plants, bamboo is used in construction, fabric, textiles, food, musical instruments, and more. […]

PREMIUM Surfboards Windows 10 Theme [Download]

PREMIUM Surfboards Windows 10 Theme Microsoft Store comes with another personalization app having beautiful images of short and longboards. You can use a set of 16 4K pics on your Windows 10 computer to experience surfing with attractive boards on your screen. The theme is available free and you are able to easily download and install on your device. You […]

Windows 10 Build 19577 20H2 is Out with New Diagnostic data Feature

Windows 10 Build 19577 Microsoft started rolling out Windows 10 build 19577 in 20H2 with a list of new features and improvements. Some of them are Diagnostic data changes in Settings, updated icon for Windows Security, and PowerToys 0.15.1. The build is available in fast ring and will be installed automatically through Windows update. Let’s see the changelog – […]

Build 19041.145 will be Windows 10 2004

Build 19041.145 will be Windows 10 2004 You might have noticed that Windows 10 2004 has been ready since December 2019. The preparation is according to the calendar of the Azure Team. You should be currently up to date with the version 19041.113. Some very near to Microsoft team reveals that 19041.145  will be the next major release 2004 version. This build […]

CCleaner v5.64.7613 Rolled out with a New Health Check Feature

CCleaner v5.64.7613 This release introduces a brand new feature, and multiple user-oriented improvements and changes. Most of all, the utility now supports Microsoft’s new Edge Chromium browser. The company taking users’ ideas and feedback into account made vital changes CCleaner v5.64.7613.If you have any suggestions you can submit for what you’d like to see through! CCleaner […]

Fix: PINBALL_FILE_SYSTEM Blue Screen Error in Windows 10

PINBALL_FILE_SYSTEM You might have encountered a system screen unexpectedly turning Blue and showing certain recommendations. This is the primary symptom of the fatal Blue screen of Death error which you can also say BSOD, in short. BSOD in Windows 10 occurs due to several reasons but PINBALL FILE SYSTEM appears because of the depletion of nonpaged […]