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Google add-ons, if chosen wisely, can help us to improve our internet experience significantly. One such add-on is the Feeder.co (RSS Feeder). Feeder helps us in notifying us about the latest articles and stories added on our favorite websites or blogs through RSS feeds. These feeds consist of an excerpt from the story with the title. Just click on it to read the full story.

Suppose that you are on a website that offers RSS feeds. The feeder will automatically detect the feeds and you just need to click on the browser icon to subscribe to that feed. You also have the alternative to add the subscription list manually. You may also import them in a batch using an OPML file.

You can follow only the most essential feeds in the Feeder or else you have the option of keeping the whole Google reader subscriptions in synchronization with Feeder.

Feeder is also convenient for Safari browser users and a Firefox version is being worked on.

Feeder does not track your clicks on the internet and is made sure that all your subscriptions and read/unread data are stored locally in the browser. You can turn off skim links from the options window.

Download and install RSS Feed Reader feeder.co

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