Dev Windows 11 Insider build 26058.1100 and Canary 26058.1000 for 24H2

New Windows 11 Insider Build 26052 (Canary and Dev Channels) version 24H2 features, changes, bug fixes, and how to download and install. 

Just next day after releasing patch Tuesday updates for original versions, now it is the turn of Insider as Canary and Dev channels have received a new update with several features and improvements. Windows 11 Build 26058.1000 is available for Canary and Build 26058.1100 is for Dev. Release note for this update is not published yet and whenever this is we will update the post here.

The full name of this version is “Windows 11 Insider Preview (ge_release)”. The build number is 10.0.26052.1100.ge_release_svc_prod1.240202-1541 Let’s see what is new in this update:

Dev Windows 11 Insider build 26058.1100 and Canary 26058.1000 for 24H2

Windows 11 Build 26058.1000 Canary and Build 26058.1100 Dev 24H2 features, improvements, and changes

New Features

Introduced an Accessibility setting for low-vision users

Windows 11 Build 26058 introduces a new Accessibility setting for Low vision users making the cursor smoother to locate and use. Navigate to Settings => Accessibility => Mouse pointer and touch and turn on the Pointer indicator setting. Additionally, you can also search “Pointer indicator” in the setting. When the setting is enabled, toggle it on/off with the keyboard shortcut, “Windows + Ctrl + X”.

Widgets board improvements

On the Widgets board,  you can now switch between a dedicated widgets dashboard and other integrated dashboards like Discover.

New notification badging for Widgets

Widgets badges are modified and they will notify you when you miss an important notification on your taskbar.

Furthermore, you can see details for the notifications you missed in the top left corner of the board after opening the Widgets board.

Richer weather experience on the lock screen

Canary Channel users should start to partake in the richer weather experience on the lock screen. Hovering over the feature on your lock screen, you will come across more information. Clicking or tapping on the weather card and logging in, Microsoft Edge shows the full forecast in MSN Weather. Visit Weather under Settings => Personalization => Lock screen => Lock screen status to directly see the feature. This setting is enabled by default. To disable this, change the lock screen status to None.

Changes and improvements


  • Windows+Ctrl+S will launch voice access replacing Windows Speech Recognition. Windows 11 is changing from WSR to voice access. WSR is being deprecated.

File Explorer

  • File Explorer context menu will now be more comfortable to access because this rollout has added labels to unlabeled actions such as cut, copy, paste, rename, share, and delete.

Command Prompt

  • When running Winget or another package manager, Command Prompt will search for changes to the PATH and update your current session. To enable a package manager to add this logic in the Command prompt, just add the package manager.exe name to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Command Processor\KnownPackageManagers

Fixes for known issues

  • Fixed Insiders encounter black screen after Build 26040 increasingly specifically when waking a PC from sleep.
  • Windows 11 Build 26058.1100 and 26058.1000 fixed a problem where all the included features under Settings => System => Optional Features were showing 0 bytes in the previous flight.
  • The rollout fixed focus sessions that persisted to show as running in the notification center after they had ended.
  • The Dev and Canary channels update fixed Windows Sandbox could not be initialized error 0x800736b3 for some Insiders in the previous flight.
  • Finally, the build fixed the last checked time showing for Windows Update in Settings was wrong.

Known Issues

  • Insiders on Build 26052.1000 and later who have Dev Drives and might need to roll back will need to back up their Dev Drives before downgrading as downgrading will cause Dev Drives to break and data on them to be missing.
  • A Display Connection section is inaccurately showing up under Settings => System => Display => Graphics that when clicked, will crash Settings. This section will be terminated in a future flight.
  • Using the ISOs uploaded on the official website today for this build to upgrade instead of doing a clean install may not work if you choose Keep nothing in the Windows Setup. To upgrade to the latest build in the Canary and Dev Channels, please use Windows Update. This is a new issue.
  • Experts are investigating rolling back when attempting to install the latest build  0xC1900101. Again this is a new issue.
  • Some Insiders may encounter the network icon showing not connected when connected to some VPNs even though the internet connection is working. Some apps might also consider there isn’t an internet connection whereas there is. (new issue)
  • The team is investigating the input switcher (Windows+Space) design reverting to an older style and drawing in the wrong location. (New)
  • After this build is installed, it will not be listed under Settings => Windows Update => Update history. (New)


  • You may sometimes encounter the widgets-only dashboard not rendering any content.

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How to download Windows 11 Build 26058.1000 Canary and Build 26058.1100 Dev on Windows 11

Through Windows update

  • Navigate to Settings (Winkey + I) > Windows update and click on “Check for updates”.
  • Once the downloading is completed, click on “Restart now”.

Using build 26058 ISO file

Source: Windows blog.

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