EmiGens Plus – Play MS, GG, CD, Sega Genesis Game on Windows Phone 8

Gaming emulators have gained an immense popularity in the various platforms of smartphones. The windows phones have received new emulators after the iPhone emulator. After WP 8 game boy emulator it’s time for the Sega to arrive with a platform. It enables various traditional games which we can play like Sega Genesis, Sega master method, Sega game products, and Sega Disc. These are associated with a number of Sega consoles. If a Windows phone 8 has duped ROM of any of the above consoles along with EmiGens plus, one easily enjoy the Sega games on their phone.

EmiGens moreover have three ways by which a package of range motion can be booked. If the phone has features the ROM files can be installed from the computer easily. SkyDrive is merely a useful tool to do so. In the case, one just has to upload a Range of motion files for SkyDrive and then connect the account with the Emulator in adding. BIN, SMD, SMS, GG, ISO and also ZIP, these are the certain formats of the motion needed for the app.


EmiGens plus settings should be enabled before the loading of the ROM as recommended. As it settles the demands of the customers regarding the sound, configuration and controlled opacity, which is important. Both the landscape and the portrait course mode are enabled after the loading of the ROM package. EmiGens plus also provided the actual controller of the games along with the possible monitoring area. The controller includes the four directional keys, six buttons, then one key each for every mode along with the start key.

EmiGens plus can purchased for $1.29 (trail version). The trail version lacks the features of Load/save functions.

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