Fare Calculator Windows 8 / 10 App – Evaluate Fare, Fuel, Distance, Time

Fare Calculator is nice Windows 8 App useful for travelers that calculates distance, Fare, fuel consumption and cost needed to reach the destination from start. Apart from this, the app also tells the total amount of time you will take to reach the target place. Fare calculator app uses Bing Map to provides exact data and lets you to watch the route chart you will have to follow too.

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 Fare Calculator App Design

Interface of this app is so simple that you can easily view the data.  Bing Map occupies a large area of Home page on the right side and small left side have 4 vacant boxes that display the data. Toggle underneath the boxes renders to set the data according to either Time or Distance. At the bottom Calculate button provides you the data after pressing.

Fare Calculator Windows 8 App - Evaluate Fare, Fuel, Distance, Time

On the upper right corner dropdown menu lets to see the Bing map into Road Aerial and Bird’s Eye views. Using + and – sign you can see the map in large and small sizes respectively.

Fare Calculator Windows 8 App - Evaluate Fare, Fuel, Distance, Time

How to use Fare Calculator Windows 8 application

1. Install  Fare Calculator from the link provided below this post or you can easily get it from Windows 8 store from Travel category.

2. Once you have install the application, main page will ask your permission to trace your location. Click on Yes.

The map will then display your location. The route displaying is on Bing maps.

You can then see few options on the right side of the page. The options are From, To, Consumption, Fuel, and Price and Optimize for.

3. In the From field, you have to enter the name of the area from where you want to start your journey.

4. Write your target area in the To field.

5. In Consumption field enter the fuel quantity your vehicle consumes in running 100 Km.

6. In Fuel Price field write current fuel price.

7. After entering all the details, click on the Calculate button.

After a few moments you will get to know how much distance you have to cover in how much time and how much fuel will cost to make you reach the destination. Not only these calculations are displayed, the Bing map will also show you the route from your start point to the targeted area.

Fare Calculator Windows 8 App - Evaluate Fare, Fuel, Distance, Time

Key elements of Fare Calculator App

  1. Bing maps help travelers in route planning.
  2. The application calculates the distance and time required to cover the distance.
  3. Fuel cost is calculated in no time.
  4. Currency is based on the languages selected.
  5. Application improves the route for time or distance.
  6. Very easy to use and free.


Fare Calculator is a Windows 8 travel application. This is a wonderful app for those who love travel on their own. The users should make a note that the app does not take into account the traffic along the route, so fuel consumption might be affected. Life is becoming much easy with these types of applications as they are very user-friendly and easy to connect with.

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