How to Stop or Delete Google Chrome sync data step by step

Best Internet browsers like Google Chrome Sync feature permits you to synchronize your browser information for example– Bookmarks, stored passwords, Preferences, Themes, Extensions, Apps, and others with your Google account. You can get great advantages after syncing chrome with Google account.

Synchronization with Google Chrome creates an easy option to access everything comfortably. It permits you to sync valuable information in running Chrome browser from computers and connected devices.  Sync information like passwords, autofills, and preferences may be either individual or valuable protecting elements.

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How to Stop or Delete Google Chrome Sync Data Step by Step

First Method –

  • At first, Start your Google chrome browser and click on Wrench icon in the top right corner.
  • Next, drop-down menu panel, click on Setting button.
chrome browser settings option
  • From chrome settings page, click on this link – Sign in to Chrome
chrome settings option to sign in sync
  • A pop-up window asks you to sign in to your Google account. So insert your Google username and password.
sign in to sync chrome browser
  • A confirmation Sync settings pop-up window shows. Here click on this option- OK, sync everything
to start sync with chrome browser
  • To delete your Google chrome sync information, visit the Google Dashboard page. Click on Google Dashboard link in chrome settings page.
chrome settings dashboard option
  • Next, find the section of Chrome sync and hit on this button- Stop sync and delete data from Google.
chrome sync section in dashboard
  • Then a confirmation messages box will be displayed to authenticate the removal or stop.
delete chrome sync data confirm message

Second Method

  • Again sign in your chrome browser with Google account from in setting page.
sign in chrome sync
  • Then after click on this link – Chrome sync settings page
  • Next, you will prompt details in a grid arrangement of sync items. It also reckons of how many of those items are being synchronized.
  • To remove your sync information, hit this button – Stop and Clear.
chrome sync data delete and stop
  • For a second time, you will be requested to authenticate the removal.
stop and clear sync chrome data

Thus, in some hours, all your chrome sync information will be removed from Google servers automatically. Once you finished action to Delete Google Chrome sync data, you can’t recover chrome sync information.

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