The Butterfly Windows 10 Theme [Download]

The Butterfly Windows 10 theme is a collection of 20 delightful desktop backgrounds available in the Microsoft Store. You may enjoy the meek beauty of nature on the computer screen with the wallpaper having the pics of flit, feed, and hatch.

This beautiful Windows 10 theme contains a various color of butterfly images like blue, yellow, and a lot more. The app weighs around 16.69 MB only and there won’t be any problem of the system going slow after installing it. Download this app to have some really great wallpaper on your desktop.

The Butterfly theme for Windows 10

Here is how to download and set The Butterfly theme for Windows 10 on your PC.

Step-1: Go to Start menu and type Store; Click on the Microsoft Store.

Step-2:  When the Store opens up, type The Butterfly in the search box and select the result from the drop-down list.

The Butterfly Windows 10 Theme [Download] Image 2

Step-3: Click on the Get button from on the next screen.

The Butterfly Windows 10 Theme [Download] Image 3

Step-4: Once the downloading ends, you will get an Apply button on the same page. Click on it.

The Butterfly Windows 10 Theme [Download] Image 4

Step-5: Subsequently Themes Settings page will open. Select The Butterfly on the right pane and enjoy the exciting color of wallpaper on your desktop screen.

System Requirements for The Butterfly theme for Windows 10

To work this theme on your device, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • The operating system version of Windows 10 should be at least 14951.0 or higher.
  • The system architecture needs to be either of x86, x64, ARM.

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That’s all!!!

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