Best Apps to Learn to Use Windows 8

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8, is still a new release for many users. Microsoft amazed to its users by User Interface (UI), making it very different from the format that many PC users are used to. Computer Manufacturers like HP has published built-in tutorials and helped users to get familiar into the Windows 8 experience.

You already know that Windows 8 has a Window store, which includes all kinds of apps. While you play with the apps, there are few apps that can actually help you to learn to use Windows 8 and may get familiar with this new Operating system.

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There are some applications through which you can get knowledge and Guidance of the windows 8. They are such as follows:-

Windows 8 Handbook

windows 8 handbook

Windows 8 Handbook provides its users all the information that has to be dealt. It  provides tutorials with the help of videos. You will find that the small tutorials can help you quickly and easily to learn about various topics like touch/mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts etc.

Learn windows 8

This application i.e, learn windows 8 seems to be same as Windows 8 Handbook when we see first. But, it’s dissimilar from the windows handbook. Apart with the former, it concentrates on step by step method to cover a topic. Learn 8 app provides only useful contents that are needed to its users. It doesn’t share unnecessary content which makes its users confused.

Windows 8 – The complete guide

windows 8 the complete guide

Windows 8 Complete Guide app gives a lot of details in text format. If we want to get the whole content of any topic related to Windows 8 this is the perfect option. The main thing that appeals more is the video (for each topic) that is self-explanatory.

Apart from the teaching, it provides a new section comprising the latest news of technology which is bonus for people.

7 Tutorials

7 Tutorials app provides a huge content repository, which is not limited to windows 8  only. You can even get help for Windows 7, Windows Phone, Mac and Linux. This app provides latest updates including with Windows 8. The best feature of this app is that you can explore new things everyday. The contents are divided under topics and subtopics. More than an app it functions like a website and a blog.

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