How To download YouTube videos via Google Chrome

A large number of internet users use Google Chrome as browser. If they want to download YouTube Video, they have to go for a third party downloader software or website, whether it is Keepvid, Savevid, YouTube Downloader or any other. But Now an application is prepared by a third party website and can be installed in Google Chrome Browser. You can directly download YouTube Videos in Google Chrome with it. Its name is Chrome YouTube Downloader and after installing its icon comes into view on Google Chrome Toolbar.

Download YouTube videos via Google Chrome

1) Visit to website

2) Download the zip file on your PC.

3) Search the downloaded file in your PC.

4) A new window will be opened. Now you have to unzip the file downloaded. It will create a folder with the same name. Go inside it and there you will find another folder inside it.

5) Extract it too (choose Extract here)

6) Then you will find a new Crx file generated inside that. Half of your work is done.

7) Now open again your Google chrome home page. Go to Settings option icon on the toolbar. It appears a window and Select the TOOLS and then àEXTENSIONS

8) Drag and DROP the extension file to the extension page of the GOOGLE CHROME.

9) You will be asked to install it. Just PRESS INSTALL.

10) Now open and search for your favorite song or any other video, a similar screen will be opened.

11) Open the Red-circled Download button. It opens downwards.

12) You can use whatever you want to choose.

13)  And thus the video you selected will be downloaded in your download folder (where you have selected for downloading.