How to hide Chrome Downloading Toolbar: Always Clear Downloads

The Chrome Downloading Toolbar appears on the bottom part of existing screen, whenever act of downloading begins. It automatically displays all the downloading applications as well as earlier successful & unsuccessful downloaded applications in same windows.

Sometimes it seems more frustrating to choose particular download applications. In such circumstance users have no any idea than closing appearance of downloading tool manually. As you know Google Chrome has plenty of inherent features. A few of Google Chrome features have been addressed by me in earlier articles, and the particular article leads you to explore the way of hiding Chrome Downloading Toolbar.

As default settings Google Chrome does not support option of closing downloading Toolbar. But Chrome extension called ‘Always Clear Download’ may close list of downloading files within few seconds. ‘Always Clear Downloads’ clears list of downloaded applications in every five seconds without destroying downloading files or progress bar.

When you install ‘Always Clear Downloads’ extensions it will automatically add in chrome toolbar likes of Water Drop Icon. Now, I am going to pave the way of downloading ‘Always Clear Downloads’ extensions for Google Chrome browser.

  • Access Chrome Web store and after then search ‘Always Clear Downloads’ application. You may easily access it after clicking it.
  • Now, click on Add to Chrome button and granted permission to add-on Chrome browser.

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    Hello. I am trying to get “content /sites” from CHROME so I can watch iplayerITV SOAPS as I cannot get to view them. I just have a portable lap-top, DELL. I have tried to read the procedure, but some of the words are just not there ie., site settings, protected content, etc. Can you please email me with a procedure I can use on my laptop? Many, many thanks. Jane Pinniger. (30/8)

  2. Go to chrome web store to add always clean extensions. Many extensions add chrome browser to setting hide toolbar disable get direction.