How to Recall last played YouTube Video Position in Chrome, Firefox

YouTube – online streaming site brings revelation when transmitting popular Videos, TV / Chat Shows to us. While online streaming, there might be the situation to leave YouTube video in between. Situation like this is hard to cope up, because you have hardly any idea to resume YouTube streaming with an exact position, from where you left. Whether, you ride in the same deck and  face such anguish moment then you  may switch to ResumeLater & Video Resumer on Firefox & Chrome browser respectively. Now, I am going to derive the specification of both extensions that fix locating YouTube streaming.


Video Resumer for Chrome

It is a very simple Chrome extension that monitors real-time position of YouTube streaming, once you install it. Video Resumer automatically monitors online streaming ,  therefore, you don’t need to memorize position of particular videos or chat shows from where left off.  You may install Video Resumer extension on Chrome browser with the help of below link.

Install Video Resumer (Chrome Extension)

ResumeLater for Firefox

It is praised add-on for Firefox that lets you to recall last played YouTube streaming . To get functioned ResumeLater , you need to install this add-on your updated Firefox browser, using below link. As soon as the installation process completes, you will notice small green ‘Play Button’ at the bottom left side of screen. Just click this button, once it happens to left current browsing session with YouTube streaming. You can add so many videos with this method to watch all of these in real-time effect later on.

Download ResumeLater (Firefox add-on)

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