Microsoft Edge 120 (120.0.2165.1) Released to Dev Channel

Changes, features, improvements, bug fixes, and download links for Microsoft Edge 120 (120.0.2165.1).

Microsoft Edge 120 (120.0.2165.1)

There is a new update 120.0.2165.1 available to Dev channel of Microsoft Edge Insider. toggle translate on PDF toolbar, sign in requirement for uploading from phone, and some more features are included in this version. Furthermore, This browser version brings a great number of fixes, improvements, and changes.

Microsoft Edge 20.0.2165.1 Dev fixed split tab restore related crash, EM toggle and VPN toggle missing, cookies are getting reimported frequently, and updated Widevine to 4.10.2710.0.  Let’s see the full list of change’s this version brings:

Microsoft Edge 120.0.2165.1 Dev Channel update features, improvements, and bug fixes:

Here is te changelog:

Added features:

  • Added extension API to toggle translate on PDF toolbar.
  • Added rounded border around the tab strip view in auto grouping suggestions bubble.
  • Added sign in requirement for uploading from phone.
  • Added share page action view to location bar.
  • Added nurturing notifications to show users that import from FRE onetime import screen is successful/Failed.

Improved reliability:??

  • Fixed a split tab restore related crash.
  • Fixed a crash in Account transfer (calling Google Play services) and added intent support.
  • Eliminated extraneous browser window when opening a workspace on startup.
  • Android: Fixed discover first session cookie issue & refresh discover logic.
  • WebView2 Mac:  Fixed Click cmd + w on WebView2 Mac sample and the program crashes
  • Mac:  Fixed a crash when browser enters full screen
  • iOS: Fixed a crash caused by read aloud tab helper being released before language detection tab helper.
  • iOS: Fixed a crash caused by a URL that is not long enough.

Changed behavior: 

  • Fixed a bug when EM toggle and VPN toggle are not showing up correctly when enabled in Arabic.
  • Edge chat rebranding to Copilot in FRE
  • Update Wide vine to 4.10.2710.0
  • Fixed a bug when cookies are getting reimported again and again.
  • Fixed a bug where only the first cookie was getting imported in merge logic.
  • Fixed a bug when suggestions popup inside invite dialog no longer dismisses on clicking outside the popup in workspaces.
  • Fixed an issue with wrong web contents being selected when creating a new tab from fluid.
  • Fixed an issue where after creating a folder with the same name, the previously created folder name disappears in favorites.


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Download links:

1) Microsoft Edge 120.0.2165.1 Dev, and other Beta and Carnary version: edge/download/insider?form=MA13FJ
2) Release note
3) Edge stable: edge/download?form=MA13FJ

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