SBI ATM Card Lost – How to Register Complaint, Get New Card

SBI ATM Card Lost – Helpline Number, Complaint Toll Free Number, How to block and get New ATM or Debit Card.

After Losing SBI ATM Card, your first task is to get it blocked. For this, you can call the SBI ATM Helpline and register Complaint. In most cases When SBI ATM / Debit Card is lost a panic is created. So at first I would say that after ATM Card lost you should be patient and keep cool so that you can follow the cautionary steps carefully. You should know that no one can use your SBI ATM Card without getting PIN  known and after you register a complaint the Bank bears the transaction of money made by a thief. So, if you have accidentally lost it then no need to worry in most of the cases.

sbi atm card lost
Now follow the steps after SBI ATM Card lost or theft or stolen call SBI ATM helpline as soon as possible.

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Steps to Follow After SBI ATM Card lost

1. Write down the important information of SBI ATM Card lost details in your diary as ATM Card number, PIN, Account Number, Branch Code, Branch Name in your diary.

2. Call to SBI ATM Helpline Number to lodge a complaint. Three numbers are given below. You can call to any of these three.

SBI ATM helpline number

  • 1800-112211
  • 1800-425-3800
  • +91 80-26599990

When the call starts responding tell your problem. The Helpline support staff will ask your name, father’s name, address, date of birth, etc for confirmation purpose. You will have to give an accurate reply of each asked question so that he could assure your identity. After getting these information, SBI will Hotlist your ATM Card umber. A ticket will be generated for this. You should write the ticket number told by the SBI ATM Helpline staff.

After lodging SBI ATM Card lost complaint, a transaction is made by anyone then Bank is liable to the transaction of money.

3. Inform the SBI Branch from where the ATM Card was issued. Write an application to the manager of the branch describing the occurrence of SBI ATM Card lost. Mention your ticket number given by ATM Card Helpline in this application.

How to Block SBI ATM Card through Internet Banking

Yes, Now there is no need to call customer care or run for Branch office to block SBI ATM Card. You can do it by visiting your SBI Internet Banking Website (OnlineSBI). Follow the steps written below to Block SBI ATM Card:

1. Login to SBI Online.

2. Click e-services option on the navigation bar. After then Click Block ATM Card Services link in the left Sidebar. You find a small ATM Card Services page. Click Block ATM Card.

sbi block atm card
3. Click Continue button.

continue button on sbi atm card lost window
4. Check the tiny rounded box for your Active ATM Card. Fill up your SBI Lost ATM card  details and finally click Submit button.

sbi lost atm detail
All is done for blocking your lost ATM Card.

How to Get New SBI ATM / Debit Card, after it is lost

On getting your Application, the Bank will issue a New ATM Card within 2 weeks. In this concern, you will have to pay Rs. 200/-.

SBI has issued ATM card for the convenience of account holders. It has eased the life of people. Imagine when the ATM or Debit card was not available. People who wanted to withdraw money had to go to the branch with the passbook, fill up withdrawal form follow a long queue. Now after getting ATM or Debit card People don’t bother for to go to the branch with the Passbook and fill up withdrawal form to withdraw money. Simply and easily they can go to the ATM, use his card and withdraw after few simple steps. Besides this, you can transfer your money. But if unfortunately it gets lost you will have to follow few norms so that it is not abused by the thief or anyone who gets. But every advantage carries few risks. So after you SBI ATM or Debit card is stolen or lost you have to make a quick response so that you could avoid any malpractice. The SBI Customer Care number or Helpline number of SBI is given above.

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  1. Recently I have applied for ATM card as my old card is not operating properly. As till now I have not received my new card, I tried to use my old card but it has been blocked. Please help me.

  2. Sir,
    I apply for the new atm. My account in Dehradun but my atm is transferred to the previous branch Uttar lai, barmer Rajasthan.what is the solution.thank u

  3. muneer mohamab sayeed


    Thanks for your prompt reply

  4. subhas mitra


    i lost my ATM card on 18th july 2016 in the morning and after immediate blocking the card through help line i informed my branch at serampore, west bengal(000178). The card was found in the evening on the same day. pls advise whether the same card can be used by unlocking through my branch by mentioning the ticket no. given by the help line while blocking the card. The branch is insisting me to issue a new card. pls instruct.




  6. Pushpendra singh


    Sir,myself Pushpendra Singh ,i job in defence service. I want to transfer my account to my nearby branch but I am facing some problems to contact my home branch due to my busy schedule of duty in this regard.can I transfer my account to nearby branch vide an application?

  7. my daughter has blocked her atm card to call Customer care. But unfortunately, her card located in her own hand bag. Can he reactivate the blocked ATM Card?



    My self Narayan sah I lost my debit card 7th nov.2013 back and it was blocked my account is active but I do not have new debit card branch isDARMAHA (9213) in EAST CHAMPARAN my question is through online can I apply for new debit card Please help me.

  9. Praveen kumar


    Sir i lodged application for applying Duplicate ATM Card but they do not acknowledge the same so i have not any proof to lodged my application with Bank. and if they deny after few days what are the remedy available and if there is no remedy then kindly guide me how can i proof the i have lodged my application with bank.

    kindly suggest me asap.pra

  10. Hello sir, my first ATM card was broken that’s by I issue a duplicate ATM card on 22nd March 2016 but till now I haven’t received any response or card, I also apply for Internet banking it’s also not running. really I am frustrated with this facility ,till I don’t know what should I do?

  11. Nikhil mili


    mam i am Nikhil mili lost my atm debit card i will get new atm debit card please help me

  12. Pranesh Das


    Mam I have an A/C with your bank & also avail ATM card facility but suddenly it has stopped working and when I applied for a new one then the official replied me as your A/C was associated with Bikaner Branch earlier so we can’t issue the fresh one. But I already transferred it to my home location branch few years back. What can i do at this moment

  13. i lost my atm 2 times will i get a new one

  14. I have lost my atm card in solan but it is of barmana branch can i get new card in solan in other state bank group

  15. Raju chauhan

    February 19 Feb, 2016 at 20:05 pm

    I am Raju chauhan.
    I am lost my atm card on 19 Feb 2016.
    I don’t no how to apply for new card. Please help me.

  16. Bikrant Darjee


    I am Bikrant Darjee.
    I am lost my atm card yesterday.
    I don’t no how to apply for new card. Please help me.



    I lost my atm cards and i applied today for new atm cards I.e on 20 Feb 2016
    When will I get the new one and where will I get them …on branch or on the address which I submitted on the atm form…and how much will I have to pay for the new atm card
    One pmsp and one debit card

  18. Thank you for the contact numbers provided here. I was successfully able to block my atm card thanks to the information in this page!

  19. Gurram Veerabhadrarao


    I am Gurram Veerabhadra rao. I missed my debit card today. I don’t know ATM card no. But know a/ 20054945214. I already blocked the ATM card. Ticket number is 81610020840453237. Please tell me how to apply for new debit card.

  20. Sir I am in Vizag
    My account is in Kerala
    Hometown in Rajasthan
    How can I apply for online gold card after losing it

  21. Himanshu Saxena


    Is there any facility of getting Instant debit card in SBI? I am in need of ATM Card and it is missing. So please help me its urgent… and kindly tell me the minimum time it takes to issue a new debit card?

  22. Hi,

    i Lost my ATM Debit card in Bangalore then i blocked it but my local branch is Buguda(odisha).So my question is can i apply new Debit card in Bangalore ?

  23. Prakash Chandera Bhatt


    I have been issued Maestro ATM cum debit card in Aug 2004. Now it is not working properly and making it difficult to withdraw the cash at ATM. There fore i want a new ATM card. Pl advise,

  24. Vijay Prakash


    I lost my ATM card and blocked it. Can I Get ATM card in Branch with pin and activate it within 24 Hr. As I live outside I can just spend one day in my branch city. As with new a/c SBI provide pre-activated ATM card

    Please confirm.




    mam i lost my sbi atm maestro card and now how can i get another card with internet banking facility and tell me the procedure
    MY TICKET NUMBER IS 00015101800001547741

  27. Meet your branch, since the ATM is blocked after a certain period of time.

  28. I have opened sbi new account in April 2015 and I received atm of that, but I don’t use atm of that till 15 September 2015 now its atm is not working when I am going to use in any sbi atm it produces invalid message so what to do for use atm again properly.

  29. I lost my SBI atm card. how can I apply new card and how many day I have to wait.
    can i get new card from the branch office.i have required new card urgently.

  30. how can i get duplicate atm card online

  31. my atm card got damaged and applied for a new one. how to track for that card??
    can any one please help me out
    Thanks in advance

  32. I have lost the SBI ATM card 2 months back. I am based out of Chennai but my SBI Account belongs to Trichy. I have gone to the Trichy branch, filled the application form and submitted two weeks back. I was informed that I would receive the card in a week’s time. I have received also. Now, for the pin #, they are again asking me to visit the branch. This is really tedious for any customer. I need to visit the branch just for the purpose of getting the pin #. I understand the security concerns, but “Security” should be more on virtual lines but on Physical lines which isn’t good practice of customer service. For someone like me who is not based out of the Home branch, asking to visit twice is really a tiresome practice. Most of the private & some of public sector banks do not have this level of tiring process. Why couldn’t SBI be able to adopt the ease of customer service practice?

  33. I applied to issue second ATM card for my DSP account 20003749854 in my home Branch SBI, Maharajpura, gwalior on one month back. but till date is not received. What is the reason for not issuing the card, which is urgently required by me. This kind of act shows dull user service of this branch.

  34. Thank you so much for listing ll the options here.It was helpful.

  35. how much fine to pay the re issue atm card

  36. I have another ATM card of westbengal .but da phone no which registered to that card was also stolen at d same time .can I change phone no through card details I don’t HV online banking and I can’t go to the branch.

  37. Mam I lost my SBI ATM card 4months I m in udaipur ad main branch is in vskp .can I apply my new card through online.if not can I get new card in any other way.

  38. Have you register a complaint?

  39. My atm has lost from post office i didnt get delivered to me yet…so can i re apply my atm? any1 plss help mee…..

  40. Go to the branch and request for duplicate password.

  41. I forgot my internet baking password when I am resting my password after giving details it showing invalid user

  42. actully my cousin lost his ATM Today around at 3 pm. he is working in army so we want lock that ATM, I tried to call custmer care no but due some service problm they unable to block



    I received State Bank Fl Debit card from S.B.I. Nadaid main branch. But I could not collect the pin number in time. So the Bank returned this pin number. Now i try to get duplicate pin number. In this connection the bank staff replied me that the computer could not accept request for duplicate pin number. I am also send a message for duplicate pin number. So what can I do. pl. reply

  44. My atm has been block i want new atm how to get it..

  45. My ATM Card Is Crack & I take a New ATM Card How….???

  46. Suhail Faraz


    My ATM Card is crack & I Take New ATM CARD HOW Plzz Suggest Me

  47. Thank you

  48. You will have to hand over the card in the branch and on behalf of the old card the card will be issued.

  49. debashisdash


    Dear mam
    I have a DSP acnt my self from Odisha my account is from Delhi and I m staying at Assam problem is my maestro card is broken if I will complain through online can I get my new card at my home address if yes then how can get my pin
    Plz help me mam briefly plz

  50. No, it is not passible.

  51. Revanth Reddy


    Dear maam, is der a way that I can collect my atm pin in other brances of sbi…because now I work in chennai and my home branch is Tirupati..I cannot go to bank in working pls advice me..

  52. My ATM card is broken and I am not living in my main branch place please kindly advice how to apply my new ATM card in my present place without any change of my old account

  53. Please help me to get new ATM card

  54. Contact SBI Branch.

  55. pls help me. i can’t change the password of atm. so after 1 month atm blocked. so what to do?

  56. Mukesh dayma


    My atm card block

  57. I forgot my atm card no. And I want to block it because I lost it so what can doing do now

  58. n.edward paul


    i lost my atm card my complaint number 99150609201203178 dated 2015-06-09

  59. please tell me how many days i got my new ATM?

  60. arnold quainoo


    I lost my atm in a car what should I do

  61. I have lost my father’s sbi debit card .so can I lodge an application for new debit card on behalf of my father .

  62. Mera atm kho gya h .help me

  63. om prakash


    Hi mam…mera atm card kho gya h ..plese help wale koi help nhi kr rhe h

  64. Call on any of these numbers and inform:
    +91 80-26599990

  65. hello every one
    can any one please tell what to do in below mentioned scenario
    my lost ATM was reissued but not delivered by postman
    he returned by stating that addressee moved now its returned to manipal state bank ho

  66. You should complain to the high authority of the Bank.

  67. sudhir kumar pandey


    hi I m Sudhir and I have lost my atm card 6 months back and I given 2 or 3 application to the branch to reissue for new atm card. although. I have already blocked my card. apart from that, the bank didn’t take any action against my application. so now what can I do now. I m in very trouble.

  68. Mohammed Abdul Rauoof


    Actually i have my lost ATM Card State bank of india
    Bank Branch Address:-
    SKIT BRanch
    Andhra Pradesh_state

  69. I am rahul garg and I have lost my sbi atm card three months ago, I already blocked my atm and also got the ticket no. , Since about three times I have submitted application to my home branch for new atm card.
    Butt they did not utter me any responsible answer about and not getting my atm card. Here can you please let me know if they give any receipt after submit application for atm card?

  70. Savareesan K



    I lost my SBI atm card & I blocked the card also. how can I apply new card and how many day I have to wait.


  71. P.rP.Sriman Narayana


    I received new ATM card, when will i get the pin number?

  72. ajitha martin


    sir,my atm card last 4 numbers are misssing please help me

  73. Mam I lost my sbi atm maestro card and now how can I get another card with internet banking facility and tell me the procedure

  74. No, There will be no effect on your Debit card.

  75. Ravinandan kumar


    Mam, I lost my Debit card of 8 October. I went to branch .and apply for new Debit card. And I came back Delhi.(study center). So, my new debit card is arrived at my home (Bihar). So, when can I get my ATM password. Because this time I’ m in Delhi. So, if I late getting for my password .so will my Debit card cancelled. Pls suggestion me…



    Mam I lost my sbi atm maestro card and now how can I get another card with internet banking facility and tell me the procedure

  77. Hi,

    I have lost my debit card and I have blocked it. I stay in Hyderabad and my home branch is in Bangalore. So is there any chance that I can go to the Nearest branch in Hyderabad and apply for new Debit card so that the card can be delivered to Hyderabad branch and so that I can go to the branch show my ID proof and take the card.

    Thanks in advance.


  78. I have lost my SBI ATM card and subsequently I have applied for a card on 16.1.15.till date I have not get the same.Is there any mistake in my applicatoin for delay.

  79. mam i lost my sbi atm maestro card and now how can i get another card with internet banking facility and tell me the procedure

  80. Yes, your ATM Card is blocked.

  81. Tejinder kaur


    hello. myself Tejinder. Last night I lost my ATM card. After 10 to 20 minutes, i searched the sbi customer care toll free number. and i call my brother to block my atm card on this toll free number. my brother has call to SBI customer care. and after some queries from sbi customer care he told my brother to block my atm card. and after an half an hour my brother has received an SMS for block my card with ticket number..
    then my question is that. this incident covers the one hour and may be most from that. is really my atm card is now blocked or not..?? because I can’t go in my sbi branch due to holidays. so Plz tell me. is really my card is blocked now…?????

  82. You should inquire of the branch.

  83. I have applied for new atm card about 3 month ago in my home branch mu campus please tell the reason. Is there any mistake in my applicatoin.

  84. You will have to apply manually. Online application procedure is not available.

  85. Vasanth
    I lost my debit card 2.5 years back and it was blocked my account is active but I do not have new debit card branch is Hyderabad in blore my question is through online can I apply for new debit card Please help me

  86. Myself lost my debit card and doing job outside the state.whether shall I get new ATM card from Non Home branch and please guide me

  87. I lost my atm card nd im not in my home town what should I do now

  88. Thank you mam!

  89. You can get ATM Card number from concerned bank.

  90. I don’t know ATM card number.I am loss ATM card.



    My self MOMD.RAFIQ SILAWAT I have a big problem lost ATM card at (javra) RATLAM M.P.account too Assam then how i tell the brach manager that block My ATM card number please ans me he told me over telephonic his problem..
    account no -32274397041
    customer id number-86304922830
    date of account open-08-04-2012
    home branch-Pur Road(11299) Bhilwara Rajasthan

    Momo Rafiq Silawat Mob No -099783411505,

  92. Is the account is single or Whether it is joint?

  93. Ganga Chundawat


    Pl read it is finish instead finish

  94. Ganga Chundawat


    I gone throw the problems of persons who lost there atm card and wanted to reissue requesting from abroad &bank is advising them to come to india to collect their password

    Is it not a finish advise. It is ok u may b correct from security point of view.

    Right now I m at singapore & how u expect me to come to india to collect password.

  95. HI I an SBI user from 2002, The card they provided is not having an expiry date. The is of so good quality that by 2006, it is not working in any atm. I paid 200 to replace, (In branch they have options as lost or stolen – No poor quality so damaged option ) Now again in the second card also there is no expiry date, Now in 2014 again i paid and got my card after 45 days from the date they deducted 226 (increased)from my account.Like other banks why can’t they provide a new card after specific duration. (they are deducting 100 rs every year for atm card and account maintenance). Expecting your honest reply.

  96. Sir i have blocked my atm card and give application on 13 nov but i dont recive atm card.sir tell how much time it will get to reach.

  97. Call on the helpline number written in the article.

  98. BBhavesh Makwana



    My Self Bhavesh makwana. since from last one month i face trouble.
    i lost my Debit card on 26.10.2014 in Mumbai. i block my card Immediately. while a came to baroda. i given application to my branch manger for new Debit Card. after 15 days when i inquiry at branch , still that document is on same table. after my complaint, branch manger sent for the further process.

    Now, still its having 15 days gone but still i am not getting my new Debit Card.

    what to do ?? please reply. i face so much problem. and block my Money.

  99. You can do it on your own. Read the article carefully.

  100. Maddam

    My self ADISON PRAJA I have a big problem and that my junior brother lost his ATM debit card at Bangalore marketing time but his home is Assam and account too Assam then how i tell the brach manager that block my brother ATM card number please ans me madam is my now my problem because he is now at Bangalore and his account is Assam and he told me over telephonic his problem ?

  101. frfWDkdssaxjdswewdhdffl


    I have lost my atm I have to done job in Bhopal but its atm is allotted from Rajasthan so how to get this atm

  102. Thank you for urgent respounce. AMAN KUMAR a/c no 11114485791 SBI SUPAUL(Bihar)

  103. i have a personal account and my atm has been lost due to theft of my wallet now what should i do

  104. Thanks for your prompt reply

  105. You can apply from overseas, but to collect password you will have to come to the branch.

  106. I have nri account so last time I applied atm card but it’s came the time I already flew back to overseas. I filled one application of authorization to collect my password under my wife name with permission of branch manager . But after we received atm branch manager denied to issue. so my wife return the atm to branch office . I came India twice but for short visit due to my job. so I want apply again for atm is from overseas I can apply please advise.

  107. Usually you will get new ATM Card within 2 weeks.

  108. In how many days we will get our new atm ???

  109. Lost my ticket no. which was generated from net banking

  110. thanks for complement.

  111. Thank you Sunitha. It’s indeed a great support to many of us.


  112. Sudipto Sinha


    ok…. thank you very much… take care…

  113. Yes. You will get a ticket number from here.

  114. Sudipto Sinha


    Hi Sunita… thanks for this post. Its really very very helpful.

    I have SBI Maestro Debit Card which is old type ATM cum Debit card provided by SBI earlier. I got my Card in 2010. SBI Maestro Card quality is so poor as I am recently facing the ATM card back magnetic strip is pulled out and thats why everytime I swipe the card in ATM Machine, it displays “Please Reinsert the card”. Its really annoying when there is a line of peoples outside the ATM Counter.

    Thats why, I visited my SBI Base Branch and contacted assistant manager regarding the issue. He told me to call SBI Customer Care first to block the card and get the Ticket Number provided by Customer Care then visit the branch and fill up a form and to pay Rs 204/-.

    Now, my question is, I am also OnlineSbi user. So, if I block my Card through OnlibeSbi instead of calling SBI Customer Care then should I get the ticket number so that I can fill up and submit the duplicate ATM card form to my SBI Base Branch? Please help me.