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Fix: Asus Touchpad Not Working in Windows 10

Asus Touchpad Not Working Photos 1 Asus Touchpad Not Working is a regular issue for users who have upgraded their systems of this Brand to Windows 10. The touchpad may break badly when it stops functioning or fail to detect swipe or gestures. Driver problems are the common cause of the issue as upgrading usually affects its settings. So, here, today […]

How to Display Virtual Touchpad on Windows 10

Display Virtual Touchpad on Windows 10 Photo 1 Way to Display Virtual Touchpad in Windows 10 with steps. – If you own a tablet and often use a second display, you can manage the device with an onscreen touchpad. Moreover, this is the best way to control the external monitor just with a tablet, without using any mouse. With the advent of

How To Adjust Touchpad Taps Sensitivity on Windows 10

Adjust Touchpad Taps Sensitivity on Windows 10 Step 4 Procedures and Steps to Adjust Touchpad Taps Sensitivity on Windows 10. – TouchScreen Devices include touchpads instead mouse to Operate the functionalities of Windows OS. Sensitivity specifies the pressure you input with your finger or fingers on the touchpad. It is just opposite to your finger’s stress. So more Sensitivity requires less stress and

How to Use Precision Touchpad on Windows 8.1 – Tips

Microsoft has come with the Update 2 for its Windows 8 users. This new Update has brought some new and interesting and useful features with it. One of the exciting features is the enhancement is the Precision Touchpad. Precision Touchpads are the new sort of touchpad designed for PCs that run Windows 8.1 and