Windows 8 / 10 Updates RSS Feed, News, Map, Finance Sport, Travel Apps

Windows 8 Updated version with custom RSS feeds – This week Windows 8 brings up its upgraded version of its app. The features of   Travel, News, Sport, and Finance are updated. Some of the apps will get new features while others some of them like Sport and Travel are just fixed.

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Bing News:

We can easily customize the settings according to our use as well as we can also add our own RSS feed tab in the top stories section of the news app like Bing News. There is also a variety of space for users who can pin the desired feed on their home or the Start screen along with sign up for International editions of the news.

The user will get the ability to select his own subject and the app will deliver all the news related to that subject. This new ability will help the users to read the only selected sections of the Newspapers which he wants to read. Along with these, the stories can also be Shared by the user via the Share Charm as well save the certain stories which he wishes to read later. In the case of Images, we can see the images of the articles in full screen or Slideshow mode.

The Maps App:

Few improvements are received by the maps app. A local search will be available now for different categories like hospitals and restaurants. There are new settings available for the automatic location tracking as well as using the birds eye’s view. The maps will also provide Walking directions.

The Finance App:

The finance App has some new features such as the mortgage calculator, a retirement planner and currency converter. All of these are located under tools in a new section within the app.

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