How to enable Smooth Scrolling on Google Chrome

While reading lengthy article on web, you need to do frequent scrolling. In fact, scrolling up and down is act to directly access selective part of existing article. Usually you access 3-lines altogether on web page while scrolling meekly.

In fact, smooth scroll is a convenient feature which is applied by adding some codes in a webpage. These codes make scrolling of mouse easy and fast. If it is applied in a browser we can scroll the browsers content very smoothly. It is supposed as a smart feature of browser and web page.

However, feature of Smooth Scrolling is integral part of every web browser.Yet, It is not been part of Chrome browser. Google has not developed any tool to activate smooth scrolling on Chrome. If you like to activate smooth scrolling on Chrome, then you need to rely on official exercise. Now, I am demonstrating the tips which required to enable smooth scrolling application on Chrome browser.

1. You need to access hidden Chrome page. Once you log on to below web address you will be able to access hidden Chrome Page.


Step 2. It opens Chrome experiments page. You need to scroll existing web page across ‘Smooth Scrolling’ option.

chrome smooth scrolling image

Step 3. In way of enabling smooth scrolling, you need to click on Enable link. When you do that, you will see horizontal pane on bottom of the browser. You need to click on Relaunch Now button to apply effects of smooth scrolling on Chrome.

chrome smooth scrolling image 2

As I said earlier ‘Smooth Scrolling on Chrome Browser’ is an exclusive feature, which stays in experimental mode. Therefore, it can’t play supporting part in condition of any malfunctioning.

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