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Chrome tag includes tips, guides, extensions, and Fixes regarding the Chrome Browser

Social TV: Chrome Extension to watch Free TV Channel live

 In the concern of streaming free TV Channel on computer, numerous applications have been developed. Out of these applications, I find ‘Social TV’ application is pretty nice that broadcasts top 100 TV channels on your PC. You can get more information as well as the installation process of Social TV application in remaining the

BodBot: A Chrome extension that guides as Physical Trainer

 Are you conscious about physical fitness and looking to hire own Physical Trainer? If yes then you have to pay healthy amount of money to hire Physical Trainer, who guides to attain higher Fitness level as per basic rules. To get rid of hiring premier Trainer, an application called BodBot has been developed that

Page Snooze: Chrome Extension to manage opened tab

 In the hope of getting more information quickly while web surfing, you open multiple Tabs in the existing browser. Indeed, it is right way to access more important webpage swiftly. In reality, such act consumes more bandwidth as well as provide lesser internet speed. Both instance are heartening.

Notification for Twitter: A Chrome extension for Tweets, Updates

 If you follow Twitter community at regular interval to check Tweets or Re-tweets, an automatic bonding creates that doesn’t allow to leave even small session. In mid way of using Twitter platform, when it happens to switch another program, it could be a tough situation to handle. To provide uninterrupted Twitter sync an application

How to Set Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera as Default Browser on PC

The popularity of Internet has increased in last two decades.In recent years, there are numerous fast and easy to use web browsers present in order to access internet in the better method. The most used web browsers of these days are Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Torch and many more. The role

Search and Download Torrents in Chrome With BitTorrent Surf

A torrent is recognized portal for sharing every type of items like software, movies, books, music albums or many more. Although the torrent is in the way to use piracy items, but it is still one of the top services to search and download everything in the quick mode.

Black Menu: Chrome Extension to access all Google Services

 As Google has owned plenty of services as Gmail, Google Drive, Google+, YouTube, Translate, Google Play, News, Google Maps, Google Search and many more. Majority of users around the world access these Google services on a regular interval. While needing to access more than single Google owned services at the same juncture, you have

How to Recall last played YouTube Video Position in Chrome, Firefox

 YouTube – online streaming site brings revelation when transmitting popular Videos, TV / Chat Shows to us. While online streaming, there might be the situation to leave YouTube video in between. Situation like this is hard to cope up, because you have hardly any idea to resume YouTube streaming with an exact position, from where you

MagicScroll Brings eBook-Style, Clutter-Free Reading

 An extension for chrome browser named MagicScroll Web Reader that facilitates user to read entire web articles as the e-Book mode along with horizontal switch feature between the pages. In other words, it converts articles into reading style and gets rid of all interruptions like ads, embedded videos, comments or pop-up ads. The extension is available free of […]

How to Watch YouTube Videos in Floating Window On Social Sites

 Currently, YouTube videos are shared widely to every social network like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. The user has to start a new tab in chrome browser to watch YouTube videos while they access any social site. A new chrome extension named ViewTube – YouTube ™ for Social Sites that facilitates users to watch YouTube videos […]
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