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CVE-2018-12176 Intel NUC BIOS Vulnerability (Windows 10)

CVE-2018-12176 Intel NUC BIOS Vulnerability (Windows 10) Intel processors have been the victim of attackers and CVE-2018-12176 Intel NUC BIOS Vulnerability is a new threat in this series. The impact of this “vulnerability” is very high which affects the denial of service, information disclosure, and escalation of privilege. The inappropriate input validation in the firmware for Intel NUC kits normally let attackers […]

Fix: WMIC.exe in Windows 10

WMIC.exe in Windows 10 Pic 2 Did you frequently experience errors related to WMIC.exe in Windows 10? Normally, the issue occurs while your system starts or shuts down. Moreover, you can face the problems while using a particular function of the OS. Always remember that the time when any WMIC.exe error appears on your screen is quite important. There are several causes that […]

Fix: Error Code 0x80073cfe in Windows 10

0x80073cfe in Windows 10 Image 1 Error Code 0x80073cfe in Windows 10 is one of the most common problems that you may get while using Microsoft Store. There are several reasons for this issue to occur but generally, it happens when the package repository is corrupted. This error does not let Microsoft Store and its apps to function normally. You will […]

Fix: WISPTIS.EXE in Windows 10

Fix WISPTIS.EXE in Windows 10 Pic 9 WISPTIS.exe is a common process of Windows 10 Operating System. Some of you may not be able to disable it permanently. Whereas a few of you are not sure whether WISPTIS.exe in their list of processes is a legit process or just any malware intended to harm the system. See – Fix: wuapihost.exe in Windows 10. […]

How to Change Cursor Color of Console Window in Windows 10

Change Cursor Color of Console Window Image 1 Today, in this article, we will discuss a new feature that lets you Change Cursor Color of Console Window in Windows 10. Basically, a console (or a terminal) is an application that provides you with input/output (I/O) character-mode applications, for example, PowerShell. By default, they are of white color but with the release of Insider Preview […]

KB4471324 for Windows 10 1803 Build 17134.471

KB4471324 Today, Microsoft and the team rolls out another cumulative update KB4471324 for Windows 10 1803 Build 17134.471. This patch contains a decent range of fixes for Windows Media Player, Start Menu, black or blue screen errors and so on. You will not find any new features in this cumulative update. However, it carries several quality […]

Up in the Sky Theme For Windows 10 [Download]

Up in the Sky Theme Image 4 Microsoft Store now includes Up in the Sky Theme For Windows 10. This Personalization app basically revolves around aircraft taking off. The photographs are all appreciable in the context of beauty and color contrasts. Theme contains a collection of 16 images of aircraft seen from above, below, or across a graceful wing which gives you […]

How Does netsh winsock reset Work in Windows 10

netsh winsock reset Pic 1 Netsh winsock reset in Windows 10 is super handy for resetting “Winsock” catalog. This is an important command line tool that you often need to run during multiple Network issues. winsock means Windows Socket and Reset indicates to restore the original configuration. So the command brings back the WSA (Windows Sockets API) default settings. Furthermore, this is more […]

Field of Poppies Theme for Windows 10 [Download]

Field of Poppies Theme Pic 3 For all such nature lovers, Microsoft has introduced an elegant theme for your desktop known as the Field of Poppies. This personalization app consists of 16 amazing wallpapers of lush green fields of beautiful red poppies which eventually add a bright and colorful contrast to your desktop screen. The beauty of nature always have a […]