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All about messaging on a Windows 8 phone

 Smartphones today are known for the ease with which they perform the tasks. They can take up any difficult task and perform it in minutes owing to their fast processors and a bunch of other features. A feature which everyone wants to get away with is messaging. Sending SMS, MMS, emails and even the

Twitter App for Windows Phone, Features, Download link

twitter-for-windows-phone The official Twitter App for Windows Phone has arrived. The Twitter App has been designed to meet significant challenges. It adds several new features including with Speech Recognition Support.  You find absolutely new Lock Screen Support, multiple Navigation Tabs, Live Tile support, Tweet and Search buttons in Twitter App for Windows Phone. Now, I am […]

Windows Phone 8 Handy Tips

 Windows Phone 8 tips – – Windows 8 tips are becoming handy as this Operating System is seeing improvement every day. The features are improving and the experience is becoming smooth. Like the Android OS, the manufacturers of the Windows phones do not customize their phones much, so tricks work nearly on every phone from […]

Top 5 Windows Phone 8 Apps for Kids with Download link

 Initiation of  Windows Phone 8 has been marked by numerous applications. You witness ‘Kids Corner’ on Windows Phone 8 to keep engaged your Kids with popular Games, Music and Videos. Inclusion like ‘Kid’s Corner’ is unable to access important stuff of Windows Phone 8. Whether you are looking for all important Windows Phone 8 app

Top 5 Windows Phone Apps for Photographers with Download link

 RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve PC performance Smartphones are equipped with more powerful camera that elevates photography skill in a certain extent. Considering of photography skill, Windows Phone 8 introduces ‘Lenses’ camera apps. Focusing more on Photography craze, I pick 5 valuable Windows Phone apps for those, who are very serious about showing off […]

How to use Wallet in Windows Phone 8 / WP8

 Windows Phone 8 has come with spectacular Windows Phone Wallet application. As Wallet app offers all similar stuff like you did with actual wallet. However, Wallet App is more secure than conventional Wallet, on the view of keeping Digital information of Credit Cards, Coupons and Payment matters.