Music Windows App – Manage Personal Song collection

play button for your selected playlist in windows 10 The Music app for Windows 10 and 8 offers you some awesome features which enable you to drag and drop songs or pin your favorites to the Start. The app organizes your music in very impressive and friendly categories which you can browse, such as provide the artiste’s name or enter the title of the […]

How to Create Battery Usage Report on Windows 10 Laptop

battery report command on command prompt The enhancement in the design and smooth user interface of Windows 10 have attracted many new users and boosted the old ones to work or experiment more on it. This means the usage of your laptops for longer hours and needs to plug in more frequently. But the developments in the technology field have also […]

How to make searches in Cortana on Windows 10 Desktop

querry typed in cortana search box I was so excited when Microsoft revealed about Cortana joining the family of Windows 10. She is like the personal assistant and do the tasks as per instructed. I was frantically running to install the Windows 10 and work with Cortana. She speaks to me, answers my queries, also reminds me about my appointments, says […]

How to Use Computer Management and its Tools on Windows 10

Computer Management Window In this post, you will read On Windows 10, Multiple ways to Access Computer Management and Minute details of it and its tools as Event Viewer, Task Scheduler, Device Manager and others The improvements in the world of technology had made the operating systems more manageable. The credit goes to the speedy improvements of the […]

How to Access Event Viewer and Watch Logs on Windows 10

menus in event viewer window In our recent posts, we have talked about many hidden features of Windows 10 which includes Event Viewer also. As promised earlier that we will bring you the basics of the Event Viewer, so we are here in this topic to stand on the promise. Back to the topic, Event Viewer is an application which […]

Exploring New in Windows 10 Build 10036 Start Menu

start menu on windows 10 build 10036 Exploring new features in the operating system is the best way of Microsoft to launch another build of Windows 10 – 10036. The rumors say the build is leaked into the web with lots of bugs. So, for the time being we are not presenting you any link of the new build here. Coming back […]

How to Customize Themes on Windows 10

hue, saturation and brightness on windows 10 We always prefer to organize things in our own way as per our selection and fondness whether it is related to our attire or decorating our home or enhance our workplace. And the same thing is absorbed when it comes to our computers and laptops. Windows has always come up with a pack of customization features […]