How to Show Additional Clocks on Date/Time Flyout in Windows 10

Show Additional Clock Date & Time flyout Windows 10 Show Additional Clocks on Date/Time Flyout in Windows 10. – Windows 10 has come loaded with a whole new amount of special features definitely worth checking out. Especially relevant, these special features are the provision to show other clocks apart from the standard clock on the date/time flyout. Moreover, what is modernized is the user can […]

How to Disable Automatic Restart When System Failure in Windows 10

Uncheck Automatically restart System Failure Windows 10 Multiple manners to  Disable Automatic Restart When System Failure. – A setting exists on Windows 10 (also in earlier editions) which is when in enable state a PC automatically restarts after System failure. As a result, the System unexpectedly starts to reboot after a low voltage or short-lived issues. This inconvenient situation confuses users often […]

[Fix] Whea Uncorrectable Error on Windows 10 with Blue Screen

Whea Uncorrectable Error Windows 10 BSOD Whea Uncorrectable Error on Windows 10. – Users often confront with the situation when the screen turned into blue and the machine restarts or shuts down abruptly. In the middle of the screen, you see a suggestion with certain error name. This error name gives you a way to come out from the Blue screen. Here the topic is […]

How to Restore Old Battery Flyout on windows 10

both of windows 7 and windows 10 battery flyout Restore Old Battery flyout on windows 10 – This is the second article about retrieving the old Windows 7 Style component’s Interfaces. In the immediately preceding article, we have explained to reinstitute System Tray, Calendar UI, Clock. Windows 10 battery fly size is bigger in comparison to the Windows 7, as a result, it occupies […]

How to Revert System Tray, Calendar UI, Clock in Windows 10

edit dword 32 bit value immersiveshell Revert System Tray, Calendar UI, Clock in Windows 10 – This article is especially meaningful for followers of the old style. An effortless registry hack works the wonder and you retrieve the aforesaid interfaces existing on Windows 7. You know old Windows 7 style System tray is rather having a smaller pop up and don’t occupy […]

Memory Management Error With Blue Screen Windows 10 Fix

System File Checker Fix Memory Management Methods to overcome Memory Management Error with Blue Screen on Windows 10 PC.   – When Windows discovers a malfunction in the drivers or system memory, it crashes and makes the entire screen blue and exhibits an error, Memory_Management. This particular error code arrives when the machine is turned on and Windows starts to load. Hence, this article […]

Fix: Search Bar in Settings App Doesn’t Work on Windows 10

Search Bar in Settings App Doesn't Work on Windows 10 Search Bar in Settings App Doesn’t Work on Windows 10 – Settings program includes a search box to serve requisite results. But, Few users experience a peculiar behavior in it when they attempt to search any setting. Instead of presenting appropriate results, the application says No results or something like this after every query. Likewise, the search […]

Fix: Kernel Data Inpage Error in Windows 10

Kernel Data Inpage Error in Windows 1 Kernel Data Inpage Error in Windows 10 – BSOD carries different kinds of error messages in different situations. Kernel Data Inpage Error is amongst them and indicates that Windows 10 is unable to read any stuff in memory. Due to this issue, the operating system abruptly prompts Blue screen and suggests to get online help. […]

How to Customize Speech Settings in Windows 10

Speech language pick up language Customize Speech Settings in Windows 10 – Every component of this operating system possesses its own significance. But, after the addition of Cortana, speech setting has gained extra importance. You can ask for different information from Cortana but the condition is your speech must be comprehensible. Furthermore, Windows provides to change your voice to text. If you […]

Fix: Error 0x8020000f During Windows 10 Update

Choose your Insider level Slow ring How to Fix Error 0x8020000f during Windows 10 Update – This mess up occurs in the course of downloading update. You see a Retry button just below a brief description of the error in the update & security area. When users try again the error again appears. No specific reason is determined to rise the error 0x8020000f but it depends […]