Fix WiFi Missing from Network & Internet Settings in Windows 10

wifi not showing in network and internet settings In the newly added settings app on Windows 10, you find Network and Internet category which help you to connect the adapter to your PC directly. Network & Internet category contains the options and sections like WiFi, Cellular, Ethernet etc. Sometimes you get the WiFi option is not showing on the Window. In this post, you will […]

Make your Own Theme with Etheme Launcher on Android and iOS

etools on ethme launcher android app Etheme Launcher is a free launching Android app. It contains 2000+ themes, wallpapers, 200+ fonts and lock animations to customize your Smartphone.  The interface of this app is very simple but attractive. It provides you free theme and wallpaper. The newer version of this app has brought 4 new themes and 2 new lockers. Its way […]

How to be Sure about an Earthquake Using LastQuake

settings of lastquake LastQuake is an Android app. This app is developed by seismologists for the general public, earthquake onlookers and the scientific community. LastQuake is basically official earthquake app of Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC).  EMSC is a non-profitable scientific organization which had been created in 1975. It consists of 84 seismological institutes from 55 different countries. You […]

Fix Cellular missing from Network & Internet in Windows 10

cellular is not present in the options When you use a cellular connection to access internet, you see its option listed in the right side of Network and Internet tab of Settings window of Settings on Windows 10. Sometimes it is missing. This article will show you how to fix Cellular missing from Network & Internet Settings in Windows 10. When you […]

How to Create Shortcut for Sync your Settings in Windows 10

name of the shortcut window Few days ago we have shared an article with you which describes the configuration of the sync your settings of Windows 10. Now, this post will show you steps to create shortcut for sync settings shortcut in Windows 10. With the sync your settings feature in Windows 10, you can actually sync almost all the […]

Top 5 Online and Offline Must have Dictionaries for Android

english dictionary android app Having a Smartphone makes so many tasks of our daily life a bit easier starting from Marketing to booking of Tickets. It has also revolutionized the whole education system. Nowadays, we can read about different happening of the world just by installing a news App like The Hindu, Hindustan Times etc. In the similar way, […]

How to Sync Photos from Your Gallery to Facebook

sync photos option in general settings on facebook In this article, we will tell you on how to backup your Photos, Pictures from Android Gallery to your Facebook account. FB is indeed one of the best Social networking sites. FB is a fast and smooth interface providing software. It also provides you a large space to store all your photos. Seeing this, you […]

How to Transfer and Share Apps, Files using Xender

searching for any other smartphone to connect by xender Xender is a free android app which lets you transfer different types of files, music, videos etc.  from one Smartphone to another without any hassle. Imagine what you feel when you are transferring some files, songs or movies to your friend and it is taking too much time. It can really frustrate anyone. It is […]

How to Create a Shortcut to Clear Clipboard Data in Windows 10

ok button on clear clipboard properties window For some security reasons, you might sometimes feel the need to clear off the clipboard memory and stop anyone from sneaking your clipboard data. So, this article suggests you create a shortcut to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10 to delete the same. When you execute a cut or copy action in Windows 10, the operating system holds […]