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How to Prevent Chrome, Firefox from Opening Windows Store Automatically

Open with Local State How to Prevent Chrome Firefox from Opening Windows Store Automatically in Windows 10 – Sometimes an arrangement is made for the convenience of users and oppositely creates annoyance. For instance, when you access to explore particulars of a Windows app in a browser it suddenly kicks you off to Windows Store. Hence, here we are

How to Discard and Restore Windows 10 Store using PowerShell

Command to see the package installed How to Discard and Restore Windows 10 Store using PowerShell – When you face some critical issues on your Windows 10 machine, you determine to eliminate the Store app completely and maybe that is the guided fix to settle down the crisis. For this purpose, PowerShell comes into the scenario that too bearing administrative privileges.

How to Streamline Purchase Experience on Windows 10 Store

User account logo and Settings option in store Streamline Purchase Experience on Windows 10 Store – The Store of Windows 10 is a stockpile of abundant of highly rated applications where few apps are absolutely free of cost whereas few others worth specific amount. If you are among them who oftentimes expend money in owning apps, you will probably be concerned to Streamline

How to Use Duolingo to learn languages in Windows 10

pick a daily goal and Continue button Duolingo is a language app newly added in Windows store that allows you to learn quite many foreign languages that too without paying any penny. The app can easily be procured from the Store and the best thing is the number of languages it stores. Starting from Italian, Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, German,

How to Fix Common Apps Missing in Windows 10

PowerShell script to Fix Common Apps Missing in Windows 10 Windows 10 Users are facing a peculiar issue as they are unable to trace many of their daily need apps and Store app as well after they upgraded their machine from the antecedent version. So, in this article our focus will be on the steps to Fix Common Apps Missing in Windows 10.

How to Update Apps Only through WiFi in Windows 10

Menu extracted from username displays Settings Browsing anything over a data connection always ends with high costing. Not knowing the nature of Windows 10, many users complain about the extra charges for using a very little internet whenever they utilize data connection other than WiFi (For example cellular connection). The reason is the app updates that has been admitted to

How to Sync App Licenses in Windows 10 Store

app licenses are synced You purchase apps in Store just to say Windows that you have not owned the app when you try to access it in another Windows 10 device? Of course not! So, in order to save yourself from such messages you need to sync app licenses in Windows 10. In this article, we will outline

How to Pause App Updates Download in Store Beta Windows 10

Pause button to pause individual download in windows 10 store beta In the earlier article, we have written the steps to download app updates in Store (Beta). But if you prefer to pause or cancel the download the same, we present the tips to do so in this post. You have started downloading app updates in Store (Beta) but after sometime you realized that there

How to Pick App Updates to Download in Store in Windows 10

Updates are being downloaded Have you ever tried to pick the updates to download and install update for particular app? You use to install apps on your Windows 10 computer after downloading from the Windows Store. In this post, we are writing tips with steps to manually Pick App Updates to Download in Store in Windows 10. When

Select, Cook and Share Recipe Using Epicurious Windows App

epicurious app for windows starting page In this post you will read How to open Epicurious App for Windows 8,10 use it and share cooked food with your friends and family along with read features of this app. The people who are fond of cooking always search for something new in their kitchen. Previously, the cooking department was operated by
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