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Online Tools comprises how to guides, tips, and tutorials regarding internet resources.

tool for online writers

5 Powerful Free tools for Online Writers

Writing online has become a very important part to some of the people. Those who write well are paid handsome amount. All we know that, competition is steadily growing fierce whenever it comes to writing a new article on a website. Many People think that Content is everything. However, it is the great content
skydrive html5

How to Enhance, View, Search Photos with HTML5 in SkyDrive

SkyDrive is a file hosting service that enables sharing and synchronizing your files into a cloud storage so that you can use them whenever you want through other local devices and web browsers. It is integrated with the online services of Windows live. With its improved features it has become a better place to put […]

11 Killer Tips to Secure Online Accounts

Passwords are the first and the most important line of defence of our online accounts against hackers. But it’s not that you should stop worrying about the security of your account even after having a password. I have seen my Gmail account hacked even after having a supposedly strong account. For people like us who have […]
Gmail Meter install script

Tips to setup Gmail Meter app and know your Gmail activity

If you are eager to know about the details of your Gmail activity then usage of Gmail Meter is pretty interesting and enjoyable. Gmail Meter is an unauthorized Google Apps script which produces brief helpful statistics about your Gmail account activity. Tips to Setup Gmail Meter app First Step To start work with this app, […]
free online games

Top 10 Free Online Games Sites

The Internet is performing a vital role to do every task simply and quickly. Many users spend long hours of the day over the internet presently. Facebook give users an option to connect with worldwide located friends and share delightful photos, views and comments. Now online game has also become more popular among teenagers or […]
read PDF in word

How to Read and Edit PDF document with SkyDrive and

Microsoft has introduced new handy updates “Office web apps service” for SkyDrive or Using this free update, user can simply view PDF documents. Besides, the new updates let you to convert PDF file into word documents on SkyDrive so that you can change something in your PDF document online. After finding a