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Exe includes the articles having processes and Exe file in Windows 10.

Fix: WISPTIS.EXE in Windows 10

Fix WISPTIS.EXE in Windows 10 Pic 9 WISPTIS.exe is a common process of Windows 10 Operating System. Some of you may not be able to disable it permanently. Whereas a few of you are not sure whether WISPTIS.exe in their list of processes is a legit process or just any malware intended to harm the system. See – Fix: wuapihost.exe in Windows 10. […]

Fix: wuapihost.exe in Windows 10

wuapihost.exe in Windows 10 image 1 Do you need to fix wuapihost.exe in Windows 10? If you are getting any error with this executable file then, first of all, be assured that is a genuine file developed by Microsoft rather than a malware or virus. In this article, we will explore wuapihost.exe and way to solve the issues if any occurs because of this […]

Fix: wmprph.exe in Windows 10

Fix wmprph.exe in Windows 10 image 1 wmprph.exe in Windows 10 might seems malicious at the first glance because of the .exe extension but in reality, it’s not. Even so, there is a risk as executable files are very virus prone. Instead of being not a malware itself, often the .exe as a bug because hackers or developers inject virus using this. […]

Fix: WMIADAP.exe in Windows 10

WMIADAP.exe in Windows 10 Image 2 Sometimes, you may experience error codes related to WMIADAP.exe in Windows 10. Do you know what WMIADAP stands for? It is the short form of Windows Management Instrumentation Auto Discovery Auto Purge. When .exe is added to it in the end, it becomes an executable file which ultimately is a vital part of Microsoft Corporation’s WMI […]

How to Fix Error Winword.exe Bad image in Windows 10

How to Fix Error Winword.exe Bad image in Windows 10 image 6 Winword.exe Bad image Error occurs on Windows 10 when you open MS Word application. The issue happens because the files and libraries needed to run this program are corrupted. Furthermore, it may also appear if the exe file is infected by Trojan horse virus. Winword.exe seems malicious at first sight, in reality, it’s not. Instead of […]

dwm.exe in Windows 10 What is it and How does Work

dwm.exe in Windows 10 Task manager You are here to know the details of dwm.exe in Windows 10. First of all, you must be assured that this is not a Virus, but an authentic System file from Microsoft. Desktop Windows Manager i.e. dwm.exe itself is an official Windows Component hence it can’t cause any issue. However, sometimes you will find that dwm.exe […]