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Exe includes the articles having processes and Exe file in Windows 10.

Fix: wmpnscfg.exe in Windows 10

Fix wmpnscfg.exe in Windows 10 image 1 wmpnscfg.exe in Windows 10 is an issue associated with MSDN Disc 3715, a feature of the Operating System. Users notice a few issues with this while browsing through Task Manager. It’s indeed a WMP (Windows Media Player) process and you really don’t wanna have any error connected to it. Though it’s not some kind of […]

Fix: wlanext.exe in Windows 10

wlanext.exe in Windows 10 Image 1 wlanext.exe is a type of Exe file that sometimes causes errors in Windows 10. However, the executable is a genuine file from Microsoft corporation but because of its nature, it gives a way to malware attack. In addition, wlanext.exe may lead to high CPU usage or other issues. Here, in this article, we will discuss some […]

Fix: Winres.exe in Windows 10

Winres.exe in Windows 10 image 1 winres.exe is an executable file that sometimes causes errors in Windows 10. These types of issues mostly occur at the Startup and setting up or starting of a specific function in a program. There are also chances that the Winres.exe file that you download comes wrapped with the virus especially after getting it from unreliable […]

Fix: MusaLLaT.exe in Windows 10

MusaLLaT.exe in Windows 10 Image MusaLLaT.exe in Windows 10. Does this name look like an executable file from Microsoft? Your speculation is right, MusaLLaT.exe is not an official Windows System file. In fact, most of the antivirus programs all over the world recognize it as malware. For example, Microsoft detects MusaLLaT.exe as Worm: Win32/Autorun.AHY whereas it is detected as Trojan.Win32.Crypt.ddc […]

Fix: wmpnetwk.exe in Windows 10

Fix wmpnetwk.exe in Windows 10 image 1 wmpnetwk.exe in Windows 10 error is an annoying issue. Task manager showing that some of the programs taking lots of Disk space and therefore end up making the machine slower. The problem is based on Windows Media Player and this stubborn error keep on striking the System time and again even you attempt to disable […]

Fix: WmiPrvSE.exe Process High CPU Usage in Windows 10

WmiPrvSE.exe Process High CPU Usage Pic 2 Did you also experience WmiPrvSE.exe Process High CPU Usage in Windows 10? Actually,  WmiPrvSE indicates Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Service which sometimes consumes your system’s resources continuously. The unusual behavior of the process makes the PC lag, slow, and hot as well. See another fix for Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU Usage in Windows 10. […]

Fix: wab.exe in Windows 10

Fix wab.exe in Windows 10 image 1 wab.exe in Windows 10 causes issues because of its executable nature whether malware attack or any other errors. Commonly, the executable is a part of the Windows Address book whose purpose is to reserve the contact details, e-mail, and address used by Microsoft Outlook. This program file is so important that none can remove it […]

Fix: wscadminui.exe in Windows 10

Fix wscadminui.exe in Windows 10 image 1 wscadminui.exe is a Win32 Executable file for Microsoft Windows Security User Interface. The exe’s latest edition is 10.0.17763.1, popularity rating is 1 star and Security rating is “Unknown”. You will find here the solutions to any issues found because of wscadminui.exe in Windows 10. Microsoft introduced this executable file to daylight on 29th July 2015. Wscadminui.exe […]

Fix: wmpshare.exe in Windows 10

Fix wmpshare.exe in Windows 10 image 1 Do you experience any errors due to wmpshare.exe in Windows 10? Some users encounter notification that Controlled folder has blocked the .exe file from making change in %userprofile%\ folder.  If you too then you are on the right location here as we will provide all about this executable including solutions to fix any errors. wmpshare.exe […]

Fix: wextract.exe in Windows 10

Fix wextract.exe in Windows 10 image 1 You might have come across wextract.exe in Windows 10 error. To define, this is a similar type of EXE file attributed to the reinstallation of Microsoft Operating System CD W2K + SP3 Powered by Renowned tech builder Dell. This EXE file has a 1-star Popularity rating and Unknown Security rating. Its Current Version is 11.0.17763.1.0. […]