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How to Enable and Disable Hotspot 2.0 Networks in Windows 10

Enable Hotspot 2.0 Network in Windows 10 - turn on the switch Let me use Online Sign-Up to get connected Hotspot 2.0 aka HS2 and Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint is a new technology related to network standard that allows connecting public WiFi automatically keeping security intact. It’s nothing but makes the process easier and offers an encrypted connection between client and access point. Most of all, you don’t need to look through multiple networks manually to […]

Fix: wifitask.exe in Windows 10

Fix wifitask.exe in Windows 10 image 1 With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft introduced many great features with an intention to maximize the facilitation to users. Unfortunately, few went adversely hence end up causing some vulnerabilities like wifitask.exe. Though it seems malicious at first look, in reality, it’s not. Without being a virus itself, often it acts like one because it […]

How To Create WiFi History Report in Windows 10

How To Create WiFi History Report in Windows 10 Photo 3 Windows 10 provides a built-in feature that lets you create WiFi history report easily. This report includes the Network name, Start and end time, session durations, moreover errors if occurred. Being so popular and productive invention, you always prefer to get connected with a WiFi connection wherever and whenever possible. In the

Jugaad: When WiFi Would Not Work on Windows 10

Jugaad When WiFi Would Not Work on Windows 10 Image 5 Have you ever tried any Jugaad When your WiFi Would Not Work on Windows 10 OS? Well, Jugaad is a traditional Indian way to solve any issues with improvised tricks. So, if you are facing any trouble with the wireless connectivity, we are sharing a method so that your work gets done.