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Stop video Autoplaying on Chrome Using AutoplayStopper

AutoplayStopper Image 3 Do you often get disturbed by the videos that automatically start playing when you visit certain websites in Chrome? These are mostly advertisement and promotional items and act as the largest source of income for the hosts. Moreover, the videos are so annoying for the users when they start playing all by itself. But using AutoplayStopper, […]

How to Fix Error 429 in Chrome Browser

Error 429 in Chrome pic 2 While using different Google products through Chrome browser, you may face Error 429. Commonly the issue occurs because of either piling up of cache or sometimes bad internet connection. However, you can fix this annoying problem very easily in a few minutes. Error 429 in Chrome Solutions Experts quote that clearing cache

All the Ways to Clear Cookies in Chrome

All the Ways to Clear Cookies in Chrome image 5 Sometimes, different websites put small files on your Windows system to store some information. These files are known as cookies. Cookie has the capability to keep you logged in that very website through ID information in files. Unfortunately, all of these cookies are not equally helpful. As a result, you might need

How to Fix Waiting for Proxy Tunnel in Chrome on Windows 10

Waiting for Proxy Tunnel image 1 In spite of having an excellent internet connection, Google Chrome browser sometimes cannot load web pages on Windows. It keeps continuously loading and finally ends up with an error message like ‘waiting for proxy tunnel’ at the status bar of the browser. You can see one more similar problem There is Something

Fix: Rats! WebGL hit a snag Error in Chrome

Rats! WebGL hit a snag Error Pic 5 While using Google Chrome, few users wonder seeing a sudden message box in the status bar showing Rats! WebGL hit a snag? This message appears continuously even if you close the browser or reload it to ignore. When you surf Google Chrome, you find lots of wonders including advertisements, alerts, notifications, and

How to Fix HSTS Error in Chrome and Firefox

How to Fix HSTS Error in Chrome and Firefox photo 1 Chrome and Firefox include HSTS feature that prepares a list of the websites with HTTPS. The browsers don’t allow to access the sites available in the list unless you type https in the address bar. As a result, when you write simply domain name with or without www the webpage becomes unavailable

How to Stop Websites Video Ads Noise Automatically on Chrome and Firefox

How to Stop Websites Video Ads Noise Automatically on Chrome and Firefox image 4 A new browser window unexpectedly starts making noise all by itself creates an embarrassing situation. Recently overwhelming number websites have added autoplaying video advertisements that result in bad user experience because of unwanted sound. But Chrome and Firefox include MuteTab as Extension in their respective stores to get rid of this annoyance.

What to do When Chrome Won’t Work At All?

What to do When Chrome Won't Work At All picture 2 A few times, you might experience the issue like Chrome Won’t Work At All. You become unable to do your job with the browser as it can’t open a webpage, hangs repeatedly and opens very slowly. Commonly you clear browsing data and then reset but they don’t provide the expected result. So

How to Delete Cookies for Current Site in Chrome

How to Delete Cookies for Current Site in Chrome Image 5 You may want to Delete Cookies for Current Site in Chrome because of an existing threat or security concerns. Or maybe you are a web developer and prefer to run a test or to just clear them out after visiting certain web page. Subject to different reasons, remove cookies for a particular
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