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How to Prevent Chrome, Firefox from Opening Windows Store Automatically

Open with Local State How to Prevent Chrome Firefox from Opening Windows Store Automatically in Windows 10 – Sometimes an arrangement is made for the convenience of users and oppositely creates annoyance. For instance, when you access to explore particulars of a Windows app in a browser it suddenly kicks you off to Windows Store. Hence, here we are

How to Get Rid of Warning Unresponsive Script in Firefox

error note unresponsive script Firefox How to Get Rid of Warning Unresponsive Script in Firefox – It may be possible that you need to browse over several websites daily to gather some valuable information in Firefox. While you opening several web pages at a time or browsing very fast, you meet with a warning message for Unresponsive script. When the

Access Hidden Categories, Genres on Netflix with Browsers

super browser addon to firefox If you are a frequent user of Netflix then you will be pleased to know that Super Browse which is an extension of Google chrome and  Addon from Mozilla renders you to access all the hidden categories on your favourite interface with least effort. As you browse through Netflix you will be bestowed

How to Disable Play DRM Content in Firefox 38

Firefox 38 How to Disable Play DRM Content in Firefox 38 – One of the most famous browser Mozilla Firefox had recently launched a new version which is termed as Firefox 38. But the latest version of this browser is launched with a brand new DRM system. In this post, you will get the basic information of

How To Download Video of All Formats From Any Website

Google Chrome MUST TRY: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve computer performance   There is the flood of Video downloading apps and software in the market. I have seen most of the people searching for software which could download YouTube Videos and when it comes to download video from other sites, they don’t know how […]

How to Backup and Restore Bookmarks as HTML in Firefox

reset option on right click copntext menu of bookmark You bookmark the important and favorite web pages in Firefox browser to easily find them later. If you backup the bookmarks on your PC it becomes safer and proves to be useful when your browser or operating system crashes. I always like to work with update scanner on Firefox and added a number of tech sites to this addon to

How to Detect if any Problem in Firefox and Fix

options icon on menu pop up in firefox In this post, you will read How to Detect if any problem in Firefox and Fix the obstacle on account of different reasons like owned themes and having faulty extensions. In the last few articles on Flash Player, we have discussed troubleshoot and the basic problems with the audio and video files. Today, we

How to Fix Audio and Video General Problems on Firefox

never activate in drop down of firefox plugin You must have confronted problems with the audio or video content on Firefox. In this article, we are going to cover crucial snags that most of it’s’ users meet with. Sometimes web page the video or the audio content does not download and exhibit accurately in Firefox. There are many causes for this

How to Fix Flash Related Different Problems in Firefox

flash plugin crash image firefox The Flash Player runs in the web browsers as a plug-in and also on the mobile devices that support it. But have you ever faced Flash Related Different Problems in Firefox? Have you ever noticed the video contents not being played even if the Flash Player is installed? Well, if you have confronted any

How to Begin Private Browsing in Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera

If you are looking for some web browsers that do not store your history, cache and cookies details of your browsing, let me tell you that the different browsers use different terms for that particular tool which does not allow these items to store. It is the Private browsing tool that all the most
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