Windows 10 Cumulative Updates List

Get all the Windows 10 Cumulative Updates from a single location.

Windows 10 receives Cumulative updates on a regular basis to fix some issues or improve features. Microsoft releases the patches normally on 2nd Tuesday of every month and names this as patchday. You will find here Windows 10 Cumulative Updates list for Versions 1909, 1903, 1809, 1803, 1709, and 1703 with date, direct download link, release note.

Windows 10 is a service, which indicates that it shapes up through periodic software updates. Thankfully you will not need to do anything to get the patches. By default the Windows update is enabled so they will download and install itself whensoever available.

Windows 10 Cumulative Updates

Windows 10 Cumulative Updates List

Windows 10 Version 2004

Cumulative updateDateDownload link
KB4566866 16/06/2018Get here
KB455795709/06/2020Get here

Windows 10 Version 1909

Cumulative updateDateDownload link
KB456096009/06/2020Get here
KB455185312/05/2020Get here
KB455094521/04/2020Get here
KB454995114/04/2020Get here
KB455436430/03/2020Get here
KB454133524/03/2020Get here
KB455176212/03/2020Get here
KB454067310/03/2020Get here
KB453269311/02/2020Get here
KB453269528/01/2020Get here
KB452876014/01/2020Get here
KB453068410/12/2019Get here
KB452457012/11/2019Get here

Windows 10 Version 1903

Cumulative updateDateDownload link
KB456096009/06/2020Get here
KB4556799 12/05/2020Get here
KB455094521/04/2020Get here
KB455092214/04/2020Get here
KB455436430/03/2020Get here
KB453269311/02/2020Get here
KB4532695 28/01/2020Get here
KB452876014/01/2020Get here
KB453068410/12/2019Get here
KB452457012/11/2019Get here
KB451738908/10/2019Get here
KB452414703/10/2019Get here
KB451721126/09/2019Get here
KB452201623/09/2019Get here
KB451538410/09/2018Get here
KB451294130/08/2019Get here
KB451250813/08/2019Get here
KB450745309/07/2019Get here
KB450137527/06/2019Get here
KB450329311/06/2019Get here
KB449793524/05/2019Get here
KB450505720/05/2019Get here
KB449793614/05/2019Get here
KB449709311/05/2019Get here
KB449566609/04/2019Get here

Windows 10 Version 1809

Cumulative updateDateDownload Link
KB456160809/06/2020Get here
KB455185312/05/2020Get here
KB455096921/04/2020Get here
KB455435430/03/2020Get here
KB4541331 17/03/2020Get here
KB453846110/03/2020Get here
KB453781825/02/2020Get here
KB453269111/02/2020Get here
KB4534321 23/01/2020Get here
KB453427314/01/2020Get here
KB453071510/12/2019Get here
KB452320512/11/2019Get here
KB452006215/10/2019Get here
KB451933808/10/2019Get here
KB452414803/10/2019Get here
KB451607724/09/2019Get here
KB451257810/09/2018Get here
KB451253417/08/2019Get here
KB451155313/08/2019Get here
KB450565822/07/2019Get here
KB450746909/07/2019Get here
KB450947926/06/2019Get here
KB450137118/06/2019Get here
KB450332711/06/2019Get here
KB449954321/05/2019Get here
21/05/2019Get here
KB450505619/05/2019Get here
KB449444114/05/2019Get here
KB449566703/05//2019Get here
KB450183501/05/2019Get here
KB449350909/04/2019Get here
KB449048102/04/2019Get here
KB4493510 (SSU)21/03/2019Get here
KB449048121/03/2019Get here
KB448989912/03/2019Get here
KB4492978Get here
KB448288701/03/2019Get here
KB4487044 12/02/2019Get here
KB4476976 22/01/2019Get here
KB448011608/01/2019Get here
KB448323519/12/2018Get here
KB447133211/12/2018Get here
KB446934205/12/2018Get here
KB446506527/11/2018Get here
KB446934226/11/2018Get here
KB4464619 – Windows 10 1809 Status13/11/2018Get here
KB446770813/11/2018Get here
KB446445509/10/2018Get here
KB4468550 Windows 10 V1709, V1803, V180926/10/2018Get here
KB446433030/10/2018Get here

Windows 10 Version 1803

Cumulative updateDateDownload Link
KB456162109/06/2020Get here
KB455680712/05/2020Get here
KB455094421/04/2020Get here
KB454994914/04/2020Get here
KB455092214/04/2020Get here
KB455434920/03/2020Get here
KB454133317/03/2020Get here
KB454068910/03/2020Get here
KB453779525/02/2020Get here
KB453776211/02/2020Get here
KB4534308 23/01/2020Get here
KB453429314/01/2020Get here
KB453071710/12/2019Get here
KB452523712/11/2019Get here
KB451997815/10/2019Get here
KB452000808/10/2019Get here
KB452414903/10/2019Get here
KB451604524/09/2019Get here
KB451605810/09/2018Get here
KB451250919/08/2019Get here
KB451250113/08/2019Get here
KB450746616/07/2019Get here
KB450743509/07/2019Get here
KB450947826/06/2019Get here
KB450328811/06/2019Get here
KB450390021/05/2019Get here
KB449918321/05/2019Get here
KB450506419/05/2019Get here
KB449917914/05/2019Get here
KB449343725/04/2019Get here
KB449346409/04/2019Get here
KB448986812/03/2019Get here
KB448702919/02/2019Get here
KB448701712/02/2019Get here
KB448097615/01/2019Get here
KB448096608/01/2019Get here
KB4483234 1912/2018Get here
KB447132411/12/2018Get here
KB4023057 – Windows 10 V 1803, 1709, 1703, 1607,  151107/12/2018Get here
KB446768227/11/2018Get here
KB446770213/11/2018Get here
KB446293324/10/2018Get here
KB4462919 09/10/2018Get here
KB4458469 26/09/2018Get here
KB4464218 17/09/2018Get here
KB4457128 11/09/2018Get here
KB434678330/08/2018Get here
KB4343909 14/08/2018Get here
KB4340917 24/072018Get here
KB434542116/07/2018Get here
KB433881910/07/2018Get here
KB4284848 26/06/2018Get here
KB4284835 12/06/2018Get here
KB4338548 05/06/2018Get here
KB4100403 23/05/2018Get here
KB4103721 08/05/2018Get here

Windows 10 Version 1709

Cumulative updateDateDownload Link
KB456160209/06/2020Get here
KB455681212/05/2020Get here
KB455092714/04/2020Get here
KB455434230/03/2020Get here
KB454133017/03/2020Get here
KB454068110/03/2020Get here
KB453778911/02/2020Get here
KB4534318 23/01/2020Get here
KB453427614/01/2020Get here
KB453071410/12/2019Get here
KB452524112/11/2019Get here
KB452000615/10/2019Get here
KB452000408/10/2019Get here
KB452415003/10/2019Get here
KB451607124/09/2019Get here
KB451606610/09/2018Get here
KB451249416/08/2019Get here
KB451251613/08/2019Get here
KB450746516/07/2019Get here
KB450745509/07/2019Get here
KB450947726/12/2019Get here
KB450328118/06/2019Get here
KB450328411/06/2019Get here
KB449914728/05/2019Get here
KB450506219/05/2019Get here
KB449917914/05/2019Get here
KB449344025/04/2019Get here
KB449344109/04/2019Get here
KB448988612/03/2019Get here
KB448699612/02/2019Get here
KB448096715/01/2019Get here
KB448097808/01/2019Get here
KB447132911/12/2018Get here
KB446768127/11/2018Get here
KB446768613/11/2018Get here
KB4462932 18/10/2018Get here
KB4462918 09/10/2018Get here
KB4457136 26/09/2018Get here
KB4464217 17/09/2018Get here
KB4457142 11/09/2018Get here
KB4343893 30/08/2018Get here
KB4343897 14/08/2018Get here
KB4338817 24/07/2018Get here
KB4345420 16/07/2018Get here
KB433882510/07/2018Get here
KB428482221/06/2018Get here
KB4284819 12/06/2018Get here
KB4103714 21/05/2018Get here
KB4103727 08/05/2018Get here
KB4093105 23/04/2018Get here
KB409311210/04/2018Get here
KB408984822/03/2018Get here
KB408877613/03/2018Get here
KB409091305/03/2018Get here
KB407458813/02/2018Get here
KB405825831.01/2018Get here
KB407329118/01/2018Get here
KB405689203/01/2018Get here
KB405451712/12/2017Get here
KB405196330/11/2017Get here
KB404895514/11/2018Get here
KB404396117/10/2018Get here

Windows 10 Version 1703

Cumulative updateDateDownload Link
KB456160509/06/2020Get here
KB455680412/05/2020Get here
KB455093920/02/2020Get here
KB454070510/03/2020Get here
KB453781625/02/2020Get here
KB453776511/02/2020Get here
KB453429614/01/2020Get here
KB453071110/12/2019Get here
KB452524512/11/2019Get here
KB452001008/10/2019Get here
KB452415103/10/2019Get here
KB451605924/09/2019Get here
KB451606810/09/2018Get here
KB451247417/08/2019Get here
KB451250713/08/2019Get here
KB450746716/09/2019Get here
KB450745009/07/2019Get here
KB450947626/06/2019Get here
KB450328918/06/2019Get here
KB450327911/06/2019Get here
KB449916228/05/2019Get here
KB450505519/05/2019Get here
KB449343625/04/2019Get here
KB449347409/04/2019Get here
KB448987112/03/2019Get here
KB4487011 19/02/2019Get here
KB448702012/02/2019Get here
KB448095915/01/2019Get here
KB448097308/01/2019Get here
KB4483230 19/12/2018Get here
KB447132711/12/2018Get here
KB446769927/11/2018Get here
KB446769613/11/2018Get here
KB4462939 18/10/2018Get here
KB44629379/10/2018Get here
KB445714120/09/2018Get here
KB445713811/09/2018Get here
KB4343889 30/08/2018Get here
KB4343885 30/08/2018Get here
KB4338827 24/07/2018Get here
KB4345419 16/07/2018Get here
KB433882610/07/2018Get here
KB4284830 21/06/2018Get here
KB428487412/06/2018Get here
KB4103722 17/05/2018Get here
KB410373108/05/2018Get here
KB4093117 17/04/2018Get here
KB409310710/04/2018Get here
KB408889122/03/2018Get here
KB408878213/03/2018Get here
KB409207708/03/2018Get here
KB407752822/02/2018Get here
KB407459213/02/2018Get here
KB405714417/01/2018Get here
KB405689103/01/2018Get here
KB405358012/12/2017Get here
KB405525422/11/2017Get here
KB404895414/11/2017Get here
KB404937002/11/2017Get here
KB404167610/10/2017Get here
KB404072425/09/2017Get here
KB403878812/09/2017Get here
KB403467408/08/2017Get here
KB403218831/07/2017Get here
KB402534211/07/2017Get here
KB402271627/06/2017Get here
KB402272513/06/2017Get here
KB402010225/05/2017Get here
KB401687109/05/2017Get here
KB401624025/04/2017Get here
KB401558311/04/2017Get here
KB401625105/04/2017Get here


Cumulative updateVersionDateDownload
KB4487018Windows 10 All versions12/02/2019Get here
KB4480962 Windows 10 All versions12/02/2019Get here
KB4483530 UUP Update Windows 10 170919/12/2018
KB4483228Windows 10 LTSB19/12/2018Get here
KB4471331Security update for Adobe Flash Player – All Windows 10 Versions05/12/2018Get here
KB4477029All Windows 10 versions20/11/2018Get here
KB4023057Windows 10 1803, 1709, 1607, 1511, 150716/11/2018Get here
KB4230450IE 11, IE 10 for Windows 10 and 8.120/11/2018Get here

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