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Chrome tag includes tips, guides, extensions, and Fixes regarding the Chrome Browser

How to Make Scroll Anchoring Enabled on Chrome

Scroll Anchoring Enabled Relaunch Now Tips to Make Scroll Anchoring Enabled on Chrome – While working on Google Chrome, you might confront with its peculiar behavior. When you access a page some part of the text loads very swiftly. But, while you continue to read the text, you scroll a little or more, a mess up occurs.

How to Prevent Chrome, Firefox from Opening Windows Store Automatically

Open with Local State How to Prevent Chrome Firefox from Opening Windows Store Automatically in Windows 10 – Sometimes an arrangement is made for the convenience of users and oppositely creates annoyance. For instance, when you access to explore particulars of a Windows app in a browser it suddenly kicks you off to Windows Store. Hence, here we are

Access Hidden Categories, Genres on Netflix with Browsers

super browser addon to firefox If you are a frequent user of Netflix then you will be pleased to know that Super Browse which is an extension of Google chrome and  Addon from Mozilla renders you to access all the hidden categories on your favourite interface with least effort. As you browse through Netflix you will be bestowed

Pin Website to Start and Taskbar in Windows 10 Using Chrome

pin to start and pin to taskbar optios in right click ontext menu of google icon When you pin a website to Start and taskbar in Windows you make your job easy when it comes to access the particular website on your computer. You know Chrome is one of the most prevalent Web browsers and Windows 10 means the fresh version among its group of OS. If you are working

How to make Google search from Windows 10 Taskbar

Make Google Chrome as default web browser RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve PC performance You can now make Google search from Windows 10 taskbar. Earlier we have written an article to set a custom start page in Microsoft Edge In this custom page you can also set google as a homepage. But here comes an extension of chrome into action […]

How to Cut Data Expense while Browsing Webpages in Chrome

information of data saved by the extension MUST TRY: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve computer performance   When you surf on the internet you use to open various web pages which consume a bulk of data on your PC or Smartphone and your data expense goes beyond the limit you estimate. But some apps and tools are available on the internet […]

Windows 10 – How to Create Site Shortcut Pin Using Chrome

Create application shortcuts at Desktop or Pin to taskbar If you are a regular reader of our posts, you must have learned many new ways of pinning items to the Start Menu. Recently we covered a post, where we have dropped down the details of pin folders, drives, contacts from the People app, and many such things. But do you know that since

How to Begin Private Browsing in Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera

If you are looking for some web browsers that do not store your history, cache and cookies details of your browsing, let me tell you that the different browsers use different terms for that particular tool which does not allow these items to store. It is the Private browsing tool that all the most

Windows 10 – How to Customize Proxy Server Settings in Browsers

Windows 10 - How to Customize Proxy Server Settings in Browsers We all know that proxy servers are the agent servers between you and the server to collect information from other servers. A detailed article on the proxy server has been penned down earlier. I request you take a tour of it to see its basic details. In this tutorial, I will show you to
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