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Microsoft Edge Dev Build Released

Microsoft Edge Dev Build Microsoft has released Microsoft Edge Dev build. Previous week Canary channel got some new features and they are is now the part of this build to Developer. Moreover, they have now turned on multiple new languages on the insider website and added an Enterprise page with offline installer and policy samples. In addition, they […]

Microsoft Edge Dev Build Rolled out

Microsoft Edge Dev Build Microsoft Edge Dev Build is now getting rolled out with a lot of new features and enhancements which we have seen over the past two weeks in Canary channel. The outstanding feature available in this patch allows the browser to read the contents in PDFs aloud. With the latest update, this classic Edge browser […]

Microsoft Edge Canary Fixes Bugs of the Previous Build

Microsoft Edge Canary The Insider channel Microsoft Edge Canary is out with some fixes. The Previous version 77.0.211 had a couple of problems as follows – The browser remained always on top. No other program or app can be brought to the foreground unless minimizing the edge window(s). After the previous Canary build, HTML dropdown menus didn’t […]

Microsoft Edge Dev Released with Features and Fixes

Microsoft Edge Dev Microsoft Edge Dev build has been released with many new features and improvements. In addition, the channel update has also fixed a few behavior and reliability issues. To get the update on your insider browser channel go to Settings and more (Alt+F) > Help and feedback > About Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge Dev […]

Microsoft Edge Dev Build is Out

Microsoft Edge Dev Build The Dev Channel of Microsoft Edge insider Build is out with multiple features, improvements, and fixes. The browser version is based on Chromium 77 and has received the major update. Go to Settings and more (Alt+F) > Help & feedback > About Microsoft Edge and get Dev Build version. Microsoft Edge Dev Build […]

Group Policies for Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary Versions

Group Policies Early Preview for Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary Microsoft has released an earlier preview of Group Policies for Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary Versions Canary and Dev channels of the browser. The work is in progress so there may be some changes in the policy depending on the feedback submitted by users. The ADML and ADMX files don’t include Policies for managing updates. […]

How to Import Data from Chrome to Edge Chromium Browser

How to Import Browser Data from Chrome to Edge Chromium Browser - Image 2 When you switch between browsers you may want to import data like Autofill info, bookmarks, saved passwords, and history. The same is applicable when you start using Edge Chromium after Chrome and need to bring favorites from the later. Microsoft is involved in the development of a super fast web browser and multiple users have […]

Microsoft Edge Dev 76.0176.1 Gets Released

Microsoft Edge Dev 76.0176.1 Microsoft Edge Dev 76.0176.1 has been released today. The insider version of the browser is up to date with the new Official build for dev (64-bit). This channel is updated on weekly frequency. On 04 June 2019, the channel is made available for MacOS. You know Microsoft Edge Insider came with 3 Channels – Canary, […]